I will try not to have the worst blog ever. I’m not very good at the technical stuff as is evidenced by my 3 hour trial and error attempt to create this one little blog. It is late and I have a very early hike in the morning.

Okay, well technically I have a very early trip to the farmers market and then a 9 a.m. hike in the morning. The dog is passed out, paddling softly in his sleep and making little pfft pfft noises with his tongue sticking out of his mouth. I imagine he’s dreaming of Ruffner. Midnight the Cat is passed out beside him, paws twitching, dreaming of all the human food he is not allowed to eat.

And I’m just about beat. I look forward to writing this blog and sharing my adventures with you. I want to highlight hiking and parks around Birmingham and their level of dog friendliness. I hope you enjoy Whiskey on the Rocks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a pair of paw twitchy animals to escort off of our bed for the night.

Sweet dog dreams!

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4 Responses to Launch!

  1. joel says:

    Good stuff and how did you afford the two models in the picture you have posted at the top 🙂

    • Gina V says:

      What can I say? We are high rollers here. Only the best lol! They were very expensive. One demanded to be paid only in top $$$ dog treats. Models. pshaw.

  2. Amy says:

    Hey Girl!!! Just wanted to say I liked reading your blog today good job. I’m glad Whiskey had fun and you too! I want to go to that doggie park even though we gotta get rid of Luke and Daisy. I want them to have fun while we have them and have a happy life while they are with me. Doggie date!!! I will only be able to bring one at a time them together though quite entertaining is more than a handful for me. I feel like they are walking me instead of the other way around. Hey and I remember a time when Whiskey was showing dominance when we went to Ruffner and I brought Daisy he was pawing at her and trying to show her up lol. Daisy is the dominate one when it comes to Luke he is a coward lol but I love him. Anyways…just wanted to say enjoyed the pictures and glad ya’ll had a blast. I hope I posted this to the new one post!! Keep up the good work. I want to start a blog about exercising or just a journal about life in general!! 🙂

    • Gina V says:

      Thanks Amy! I’m sure Whiskey and Daisy would have a great time. Hope she doesn’t get too car sick visiting. Good luck on the blog!

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