Trussville Civitan Park

A trail in the sports complex. Sure am glad Whiskey can't read.

Did you know Trussville has a really big (and I mean, really) big park? It’s actually a series of parks. We went exploring and began by entering through Civitan Park. To get to this go down hwy 11 towards Target. Go past the shopping center on your left and continue into the older main part of Trussville. Look for the park on your left just before it narrows into a two lane instead of 4 lane road.

To get into the park you can either turn before it (by the rock gazebo like structure) and park across the road in a church parking lot, or you can turn into the park (through what appears to be a temporary fence like gate), or do what I did and turn down Cherokee Drive and pull off the side of the road. People seem to park all willy nilly over the park. Pretty much anywhere you see a gravel road dipping down into the park, then you can drive down and park where ever.

Canoing/Kayak info

Civitan Park Details:
There is an extensive disc golf course here.
Apparently there are some geocaches too!
The Cahaba River flows through the park.
Canoe launch area with info posted near the bridge.
The park is on both sides of the Cahaba and a really cool bridge crosses the river.
On the left hand side of the bridge there are plans displayed showing how it will become a Veterans Memorial.
The right hand side of the bridge is a greenway that extends a really long way. It backs up to the Senior Civic Center then flows past it, along the river, and finally connects with one of the other park systems.
The road to the left of the park that you enter  by the stone gazebo leads to even *more* kids parks! They look really nice too!
Several picnic tables.
It backs right up into the 128 acre sports complex. There are bike lanes throughout the park and the park has an unimaginable amount of fields for every sport. There are trails here! We didn’t go down them but they are open to dogs, horses, and bicyclists. There is about 4  to 6 miles of trails and they seem to weave throughout the park. I saw trail blazes on both sides of the roads. I saw two people with a large group of dogs making their way to one of the trails. Dogs must be on a leash.

Civitan and Dogs (pros and cons):

  • There was no sign instructing dog owners about any leash requirements. We saw two on leash, and two off leash dogs while there. One though, seemed to have trotted over from the neighborhood by the Mall Park though because we saw him later making his way through the yards there and never saw an owner. He was a sweet big yellow dog who was happy to have met Whiskey. None of the dogs with owners made their way towards us so we didn’t bother them, though it’s hard to keep Whiskey from pulling me to them. He wants to meet every dog he sees.
  • No gated areas to safely let your dog run free. In the sports complex there are tons of gated fields. Dozens. But they are clearly not for the dogs and probably couldn’t be used unawares like some lesser well taken care of fields dotting other areas of Birmingham.
  • Beware of the water. It had an oil type substance covering the surface and I was reluctant to let Whiskey in it. I’m pretty sure it’s from the busy motorway above.
  • The water is also full of debris. Whiskey let out a painful yelp when he trod on a metal sign post in the water. His paw survived but it made him not want to go in the water again.  Several tires and buried trash in the mud.
  • Glass Alert! Beware of the gravel and driven on surfaces! There was an unbelievable amount of broken glass covering almost the entire left hand side of the park across the bridge. The right hand side where the disc golf is, was better, but not perfect. On the more driven on gravel surfaces and heavily walked areas there were lots of broken glass as well. We stuck to the grass over there.
  • There are very few garbage cans to toss your poop. But at least they are there!
  • Lot’s of long stretches of greenery to let your dog run on.
  • Excellent place to bring a lunch and chill while your dog smells everything.
  • Gold! I found this while gathering links. It’s awesome.
    Trail system list for the state of Alabama. Has a lot of trails I didn’t know about and I fully intend to check out! I’m not going to assume it’s exhaustive, but it’s certainly going to come in handy for me!

    Also, anyone have any updates on the proposed purchase of 1472 acres along the Cahaba that Trussville was talking about buying 2009 and that they would incorporate into their parks system? This just sounds so fantastic! I’m wondering if they own it now and if there’s any hiking paths (officially finished or not…) along the river there.

    Here’s some info on it:

    Lastly here are a few links to help you if you want to know more about the trails. I had to gather the info from a biking site. Thanks to the site for gathering and spreading the good info! Now I can make it available to dog owners 🙂
    Trail Map
    Parks Trail Info
    More Park Trail Info

    A link to an upcoming event to raise money for the Cahaba and takes place in Trussville. Sounds great! But you can’t bring your pooch 😦

    Park Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10.
    Above average. Might seriously improve once I get our feet & paws on the trails. Definitely worth checking out even if just once!

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    One Response to Trussville Civitan Park

    1. charlesin trussville says:

      yes, trussville did purchase the 1472 acres along the cahaba from a not green developer. The land was part of a Deerfoot PUD aproved in about 1995 while I was a member of the planning and zoining board. The PUD designation expired and the land was later purchased by a not green developer. Trussville placed very restrictive angle of repose requirements and non-silting requirements, so that only ridge lots were buildable for the non-green developer . This made his scheme non-profitable and he sold the Deerfoot/Cahaba acres to trussville. Way to go Trussville !!! Foot note Trussville has a huge ace in the hole compared to other cities. The cash fat non profit gas / water utilitied board. How did the 128 acres Rec Park apear out of nowhere ? The utility rightly declared the entire area part of their necessary ground aquifer and paid cash for it and other undeveloped locations. Then they donated the 128 acres to the Park Board . Pretty smart Hu ?

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