A Day of Neighborly Dogs

Today I walked Whiskey after work. There’s a nice empty field where a house used to be, located all around and beside the Old YMCA Tennis Courts and Pavilion. Lots of locals use the large field to play fetch with their dogs and walk. We saw three dogs while there and met two of them; Fetch- an elderly blue heeler who doesn’t, and Maybe- a very young beagle who might (I didn’t ask). Whiskey has never been to this field so it was sniffsniff heaven for him. I could tell he was itching to be off the leash, but in the field side of the park (to the right of the tennis courts) a three way stop sign does little to slow the steady stream of traffic so I couldn’t let him run free. Even with the leash on he saw a squirrel and darted, just about pulling the retractable leash out of my grasp when it reached its end. It made an awful noise that I hope doesn’t indicate he fried its mechanisms. We’ll see when it gets put to the test later.

To the left of and behind the tennis courts are some great shaded areas and picnic tables, a covered pavilion and at least one BBQ pit that looked usable. This area sees little or no traffic and the street is a private street leading only to the park. The drive dead ends into the park. A great place for a dog to run free and frolic. It has tall fences along the back edge that run into and connect with a city building… so it’s like you’re own little private cul de sac for your dog!

I like that neighborhood people come there and are friendly. I often get tired of parks where dog owners don’t seem interested in letting your dogs meet. I want to be social and so does Whiskey! So I was very happy that the two owners I met there were so talkative and friendly. Yippie!

Then when I got home a neighbor from up the street pulled into the drive to chat. I’ve only talked to her once before but she had her dogs with her and that is always a gateway to conversation so we chatted easily about her two german sheperds (Max and Radar) and her little dotson Bingo. We are hoping to go walk Max and Whiskey together soon.

So it was a big day of friendly dog people. Nice. I’ve found that since I’ve gotten a dog I’ve met more people in my neighborhood in 6 months than I did in the entire 3 1/2 years beforehand! Awesomeness.

There’s not a lot going on at the “Old YMCA Pavilion” as Irondale calls it. But I like it. A big nice open spot on one side. A nice shaded hidden spot on the other. Lots of locals wandering in and out and everyone’s friendly to boot!

Here’s directions in case you’d like to check it out:
From I-20 towards Atlanta exit 132B and turn left at bottom of ramp onto Montevallo Road. Turn left at Lawrence Street then onto 9622 YMCA Way.  It has one (1) picnic pavilion, two (2) Barbecue pits, and three (3) tennis courts.  This park is not lighted, no public restrooms and closes at sundown.

Park Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 (what can I say? It might have less than the park yesterday but I’m a sucker for nice people with friendly dogs)

Random pic of the day since I didn’t take any at the park.

Who needs soft pillow beds when you can have cardboard? He loves cardboard. He also likes to eat it so we have to be careful about that!

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4 Responses to A Day of Neighborly Dogs

  1. Jennifer says:

    I would love for you to bring Whiskey over and let him roam “free” in the fence with my 2 furry friends. They love other dogs and I bet all of them would have the best time. And maybe after the meeting we could go for a walk if things go well??

    • Gina V says:

      That would be fantastic! “freeee!” Will Greta take Whiskey down? lol? Should I be afraid…?

      • Jennifer says:

        Oh Lord no! She is the most sweet tempered dog. She has a mean growl when she first meets you, but is completely harmless. It takes her about 5 minutes to warm up and she is ready to play! So far she has played with several different breeds.; most recently a Cocker Spaniel. They hit it off really well 🙂

      • Gina V says:

        I’m really looking forward to meeting her! I’ll give you a call to coordinate this doggie date 🙂

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