Hoover Dog Park

Excellent! Did you know Hoover had a Dog Park? Me neither! Until about 10:30 a.m. today when I began plotting our domination visit to the park.

Where: 3469 Loch Haven Drive, Hoover, AL
When: Dawn till Dusk
What: 1 big and 1 small sections

Whiskey was shy at the park but all the dogs were friendly. One (big) puppy got a little too fresh and ended up with both dogs standing up on hind legs front paws hooked and Whiskey growled totally spooking both of us owners. I pulled my dog off and said no. Though really, I have no idea if that’s normal behavior or not. The puppies owner suggested that it’s just him asserting his dominance. And I was like “What? My dog? He’s a submissive rabbit!” And he has been for 6 months. This is the first time he’s made any noise ever towards a dog. But maybe that’s healthy that Whiskey’s growing a bit of a spine, especially if it’s normal behavior. But I don’t know 😦 as I’ve said before Whiskey is my first dog so I’m learning a lot as I go.

Whiskey checks out the new park.

After that he hung back and didn’t really interact with the other dogs. He smelled them and watched them but still hid a lot behind my legs and near me. About a month ago he was attacked by a rottweiler at a non dog park. The owner made no move to intervene and my dog was repeatedly (and blindly) attacked, savaged about the neck, and pinned to the ground. Eventually we left the park, but too late it seems. I’ll never make that mistake again. It took several attacks before I left and by then Whiskey had gotten it in his mind that dogs=fear. And now he’s acting very different around them. If I ever have a dog be violent again I’ll leave immediately. Because I’ve learned the owner of that dog probably won’t.

Front gate

But today was a pretty good day, even though he did hide a little by me and wouldn’t run around. Just knowing what a carefree dog he used to be before the attack, and seeing him hold back now is what breaks my heart. But I think all I can do is keep putting him out there to have positive experiences and hope he improves his outlook about other dogs. We have had one successful park visit since the attack where he almost seemed his old self. He was with two dogs he’s been with before and then there was in addition to our three about 4 other dogs running around. There are power in numbers so maybe it’s just the small numbers gathered together that freaks him out- reminding him of his one on one smackdown. Either way, we press onward towards overcoming his fear! I call it “Project don’t let the rottie get you down. Figuratively and literally.” Especially since he never tried to defend himself against the rottie in the first place. Hmm… that project name seems to long. I may have to shorten it.

They have a doggie water fountain (note bowl at bottom). However, Whiskey staunchly refused it, overheating himself in the process.

Pros of park:

  • Lots of room. Not as big as the Green Springs park but still plenty big enough!
  • Doggie water fountain (if your dog will have any of it).
  • Sand pits to dig and play in!
  • A large creek runs behind the large dog section. We didn’t check it out but locals informed us it’s great for your dogs to get in and swim about.
  • Doggie bags galore, left over toys, and agility training course! woohoo!
  • Good amounts of shady spots and sunny spots.

To give you an idea of the depth of the park. Nice size!

Cons of Park:

  • The doors have a strange pulley system that would not stay locked. The doors to the small dog park, and the door to the parking lot would blow open at a gust of wind.
  • I only saw one dog owner scoop their poop. And there were several deposits made during our hour long stay.
  • The locals say it gets really muddy when it rains even a bit. So if you’re particular about your pooches mud exposure you might want to avoid on rainy days until it dries up.

Check it out! Agility Course! Now how to get Whiskey to work it...

Overall score: 7 tail wags out of 10.
Definitely will be back on a regular basis! Probably will rotate with our visits to Green Springs park.

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2 Responses to Hoover Dog Park

  1. Heather says:

    I knew they were going to build a dog park somewhere but I did not know it was already done! I would take my 2 down there but they don’t have manners…

  2. Jenne says:

    Sounds like you had a really good time with Whiskey! I’ll have to make my way out there really soon!

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