When the cows come home

Recently picked up some of Wright Dairies pimento cheese at Pepper Place. Whiskey was vera’ vera’ interested in the bags (all of them) so I decided he could have this one. It made him happy and he carried it everywhere for a while.

"Don't even think about taking this bag back."

Sorry about the foot. I’m working on my photo skills. Learning to crop is certainly on my to do list. And don’t worry. I took the cheese out. So after he took the bag on a tour around the house he settled in on his bed.

Notice the careful "nonchalant" placement of the tips of the paws on the top of the bag. Trying to take the bag a second later proved that he was well aware of it!

Who knows, but I imagine he could smell the cows on the bag. After all, it was Wright Dairy bag!

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One Response to When the cows come home

  1. Brooke says:

    I LOVE it when they try to act like they don’t care about the “object” and are just waiting for you to make your move.

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