Adopt a “less adoptable” pet!

This week is’s Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week, a week dedicated to
spotlighting those pets that are most often overlooked in shelters. It’s all about getting
people to take a second glance — and give a second chance — to those pets whose only
crime is being a little older, the “wrong” color, or otherwise “less adoptable” — but who
have just as much love to give.

This means a lot to us. We have three “un”adoptable pets in our household. Midnight an adult cat who was “found” by his last owners who didn’t want to keep him when he was hit by a car, loosing a few teeth in the process and then tested positive for FIV. The vet told them that the cat may have simply been vaccinated before they got him and therefore would show a false positive. There may be a test now to differentiate between an infected cat and a vaccinated cat, but at the time there wasn’t. The family refused to take Midnight, regardless. My husband took him home, knowing he was taking a chance on a cat that might not have many years left in him and have serious medical issues in the near future. He’s now 10 years old and healthy, despite those missing teeth and his positive test results.

Then came BabyCat. A 3rd generation feral cat in a neighborhood overran by a feral cat colony, aided and abetted by neighbors who feed the untamable cats but refuse to catch and spay/neuter them. Over the course of 3 months I spent every night getting one hands breadth closer and closer to the young cat until I convinced her to take a piece of food from my hand, then I was able to pet her. We caught her had her spayed and prayed she’d stick around. She did! She’ll never be much of a lap cat, and her wild instincts have never gone away. But she is definitely a part of our family, loves Midnight fiercely, and spent most of her time inside before the dog came. (She’s still on strike and sleeping outside right now but we are patiently working every day on getting her used to Whiskey lol!) I have a lot of love and patience for her. But I know if she were ever in a shelter she would be put down. There’s not many people who would take a pet they had to put that much work into just convincing the animal to let them touch her.

Then there’s good ole Whiskey, rescued from a high kill shelter right before he lost his life to impatience and unwillingness to wait on adoption. He had some strikes against him. A larger sized dog, mostly black, and a woolly coated husky to boot (which is a highly undesirable trait in breeding huskies). People have come to know huskies to look very specific. Seeing one look outside this range of attributes (brown eyes, black and tan, woolly coated) may make some dog snobs put their noses up. But we didn’t care. He’s been a fantastic dog, and it still boggles the mind about why no one else for such a long stretch of time was willing to take him home…

So BlogPaws Be the Change for Pets and I are taking up the cause for the next Be the
Change Challenge! We’re spreading the word about the many great adoptable pets (just like those in our household!) who sit in shelters for weeks, months, and even years waiting for their forever home while the cute and cuddly kittens and puppies get snapped right up.

So who are these “less adoptable” pets? According to a survey of Petfinder member
shelters and rescues
the hardest to adopt out pets are senior or older pets, those with
health problems (even minor ones), victims of breed prejudice (like Pit Bulls), shy pets,
and those that need to be only pets. But that’s not all! A lot of people overlook black and
brindle dogs and cats as well, as Whiskey can attest. (Not convinced? Check Why Less Adoptable Pets Rule.)

So next time you or a friend are looking to adopt, give these pets a second chance, a little
more time and you never know, a less adoptable pet might just be the purrr-fect pet
adoption for you!

My Be the Change for Pets Challenge Pledge:
Meet Star!
Star has been waiting over a year for a new home. She is a beautiful 3 year old tan terrier dachshund mix who came from a kill shelter on her last day. This breaks my heart because this is exactly what happened to our Whiskey. Will someone take Star into their lives? All I can say is thank goodness for no kill shelters who are willing to wait on a home ready to love these pets.

Once each day this week I will be sharing Star and other “less-adoptable” pets on Facebook and my blog to help them find a home. I’m also posting this link to the BlogPaws Be the Change for Pets Facebook Page.

The last Be the Change Challenge raised over 50,000 lbs of pet food and supplies for pets
in need.
That’s great! Now let’s get together and raise the bar for less adoptable pets!

At the end of the week, Be the Change for Pets will tabulate everyone’s blog posts, Tweets and Facebook shares so we can see our global impact! Want to help? You can! Draft your own Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week blog post, use a LAPW template, share a less adoptable pet with friends, or even put an Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week pet search widget on your Web site.
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4 Responses to Adopt a “less adoptable” pet!

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  2. Heather says:

    I would LOVE to take in another dog but my husband has said NO every time I ask him!

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