A day of celebration and loss

Yesterday the hubs and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. It was fantastic! But we also got some sad news. Not fantastic.

The brother of our husky was stolen some time ago from the foster home he was housed in. I’m going to try and find a good pic of Whiskey with his brother and post it. The more recent pictures I found online of him for adoption online were very sad. So I’m choosing not to use those. He looked extremely thin and a far cry from our bouncy furry dog. It had taken us a while to track him down and I don’t know what happened to him between when we last saw him and my call yesterday. Well, other than the fact that he switched from one shelter to another and that his foster home said he’d been “stolen.” ::sigh::

She wasn’t sure who took him, only that he was gone and she’d looked for him for a long time. Knowing huskies, I can’t help but think that an unattended dog in a yard, that’s a husky to boot, is likely to escape. It’s one of the top two reasons huskies end up in shelters: people don’t contain them properly and they end up wandering around, and then in a shelter. So whether he was taken, or simply jumped the fence we’ll never know. I can only hope that where ever he is now that he’s fatter, and cleaner, and happy. Finally.

Maybe I’m fooling myself but that’s the happy story I’m going to stick with. I only wish we could have taken both of the dogs. I only wish I could keep all the dogs out there safe. I hope he’s safe some where.

I hope to attach a picture soon.

In honor of Whiskey’s brother I’ll highlight another husky this week.

Meet Mack!

A senior husky mix looking for a loving home with lots of snuggles!

This older gent wants it known that he has plenty more snuggling to do! He does feel he is owed ALL the snuggles, and will push another dog out of the way to get them! This guy is intent on getting all he can. But that’s okay – his thick, soft coat is perfect for petting. Click on his pic to get all his info!

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3 Responses to A day of celebration and loss

  1. Zach says:

    I wish I could take care of all the lost pups out there; dogs are too good to be alone and not loved.

  2. Gina V says:

    Thanks! It was the best one yet 🙂

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