I’ve just read Pukka by Ted Kerasote and since it is dog related I’m posting it here. I certainly intend to review every dog related book I read and have a few that are awaiting reviews being written to be posted here (oh well I’ll get to those eventually). But since this one is fresh I thought I’d pass it along.

I can’t stress enough how much I love Ted Kerasote and his book Merle’s Door. It made me question some of the decisions with my dog. Some I changed some I couldn’t (for instance we still have to crate, and we still use the leash and collar. sorry whiskey ::sigh::) because we thought it’s in his best interest. Maybe when we move out into the country (dream oh dream) and have a lot of land I’ll let him be free and hope I don’t lose him. Then again… ::eyes Whiskey warily and possessively:: maybe not..

Either way here is the goodreads review on Pukka. My good reads reviews are very rough so forgive typos and craziness. Please feel free to friend me on good reads and follow my massive amounts of adds and reviews there if you’d like!

This is an easy read. You could finish it in an hour no problem. It has large beautiful pictures on each page with a small sentence or paragraph written by Pukka about how he came to live with Ted and what his life is like. It’s quite a change from Kerasote’s part biography/part academic treatise on the state of animals in America that his last book was.

But sometimes different is just fine. And this kind of different is lovely. You will recognize some reoccurring themes though if you’ve read Merle’s Door. You’ll recognize references to Kerasote’s distinct and important way of thinking about the behavior of dogs and their lives with us humans. For example: Pukka points out that Ted lets him smell anything he wants (no I’m in charge and you’re just an animal heel and walk mentality) and rarely makes him wear a collar or leash. Also Kerasote is a big advocate of proper holistic care and feeding of animals so you’ll see nods to this. He is also not one of those whiny “but bones are bad!!!” people. Tons of pictures have Pukka chewing away on real animal bones. And maybe that’s a point to make sure you’re aware of. They aren’t mass produced pet store bones, but bones from animals he’s shot or is eating. We give our dog big massive bloody meat attached bones purchased from an all organic farmer we know and trust. When you see Pukka with his bloody bone, meat and gristle shining, it’s quite a far distance from the peanut butter stuffed bleached bones from the PetCo down the street!

Whiskey dances around his first ever real meat bone.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves dogs. It will make you smile. I also recommend you listen or read Merle’s Door as it is a wealth of information and will give you a lot to think about.

Whiskey contemplates the seriousness of bones.

Props to Sequatchie Cove Farms for the awesome bones Whiskey loves so much. We look forward to stocking up next time we see you at the market to make it over the winter hump till next spring market!

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