Dead deer and bikejoring

Thursday we took Whiskey back to the closed road beside Lake Purdy, deciding it’s perfect for urban mushing. Brandon prefers urban mushing with his scooter and has rigged up a contraption to the front. Sometimes it’s called scooter-joring. I prefer using my bike and do not have it hooked up yet so we ride with the leash in our hand (very tricky and possibly dangerous) but I intend to improve on this and get a real harness, lead, and set up on the front soon. Probably by February at the latest. Since we don’t intend to be mushing every day or even every week (maybe 2 or 3 times a month till I get proper gear) it should be fine.We found a lot of decaying abandoned deer carcasses there right as you go into the road. It’s really gross. I know when we went a few days ago there was nothing but piles of fur left. This time there’s an entire rib cage, head, etc. They skinned and took a lot of though. I was shocked at how good Whiskey did going by the dead deer.

We saw the abandoned yellow dog again and now I know why he’s looking so fit. He gets weekly left overs of dead deer to munch on. I think Brandon might have scared him off for good from us because he didn’t come back out after the first encounter with 6’1 of “git gone!” I feel bad for him and hope that someone is able to pick him up (the animal control has been called but he doesn’t seem to want to come out for anyone who doesn’t have a dog). We saw a few more deer and animals while hiking in the woods (alive, thank God).

Again at the creepy gates we both hear an animal in the woods...

I showed Brandon the graveyard and was just amazed at how much better Whiskey does with Brandon on these walks than with me. Most of the hike was a tutorial in “what Gina does wrong” but by the end I felt I had really improved my ability to handle Whiskey and teach him not to pull. He did so good!

Regretfully, we didn’t get to hike this weekend. The rainy looking skies today kept us away. I’m thinking about taking my bike down to a walking track down the road from my house and letting Whiskey run around it while I bike beside him. We’ll see how that goes! We actually filmed Whiskey’s first attempt at bikejoring but I’m going so slow on the bike because I was afraid actually to let Whiskey pull me as fast as he could, so it’s a pretty boring video. The only exciting part was when Brandon let Whiskey pull him at a full out run. That dog evened out and became like an arrow running beautifully full tilt into the wind. We’d run out of memory on my camera at that point. Isn’t that just the way it is sometimes?

Directions for Lake Purdy and reviews are located on the first Lake Purdy Post.

Links on bikejoring/urban mushing:
Good ‘ole Wikipedia which seems to focus mainly on scooter-joring
A good basic article on bikejoring
An example of a padded harness that is good for outdoor activities because of padding (prevent chaffing) and handle (help lift in outdoor situations). This product has been recommended with walkydog products where you intend to ride with your dog next to your bike, but not actually have the dog pull you as they do in bikejoring. I’m actually really considering getting a walkydog attachment.

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