Happy Turkey Day!

Yes I intend to feed my dog Turkey today on the greatest of all food days (next to Christmas). I may give him quite a few other tastes of human food too. It was a tradition growing up (where we only had cats) for the cats to get special treats on Christmas and Thanksgiving. I don’t intend to stop now, despite my sometimes word war with the husband over human food vs. “dog” food. I actually am going to post sometime soon a more in depth examination of the raw food vs. dog food debate. But for now let’s keep it light for the holidays!

During a recent hike Whiskey shows great interest in my snack. I usually pack fruit.

Vetinfo– a great primer about basic foods they can or cannot have as well as some chemical toxicity problems you should know about.

Associated Content article– another great user friendly article to refresh you on some good foods for dogs.

Sometimes it’s just easier to remember what a dog cannot eat, as they can eat almost everything we can (and some stuff we can’t! Like raw meat 🙂 )

I usually share my fruit with Whiskey on our hikes. Here after a failed attempt to steal my pb I give him a pb covered apple slice.

The top ones to remember not to feed them:
onions & garlic
fish or poultry with bone still in
raw eggs

A full big chart is available here. But it doesn’t include common plants and house plants that are seriously toxic to your pet. I’m going to do a post on that later.

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