Pretty Lake Purdy

I’ve hiked about four times in the last two weeks and haven’t blogged about any of them.

I blame all this on excess Turkey and Dressing. And yes those letters need to be capitalized.

Right now I’m very stoked about Lake Purdy if you can’t tell. Especially the area reached if you park at the bridge that’s out and head left up the paved road (best I can tell it is Boshell Lane, Leeds Alabama). You can meander down abandoned roads, side trails, deer trails, gas and power line trails, oh my God you name it and it’s out there waiting to be explored.

These trails are not mapped and I can’t really provide that for you as I’m a terrible map maker. I can tell you if you are a proficient enough hiker to trust your instincts to remember what trail you came in on, and go back out on that one then you can have quite a bit of fun wandering out there.

There are probably at least five more weekends of unexplored (2-3 hour stints) trails. I’ll keep hiking and blogging about Purdy until I’ve walked every bit of the wild area around it and understand where all it goes to.

A few weeks ago Tammy and Wendy and I (and of course Whiskey) explored this area:

Front view of old "airport" area

On a previous hike we were told by a nice family coming up the hill that it was “the old airport.” I’m assuming there’s no real emphasis on “the” in that sentence. I need to go to the downtown library and research this alleged airport with Southern or the Archives. Surely there would be some one who remembers this, or has records of it. The Museum of Flight is another great place to hit up for info. But this weekend I’m just enjoying laying about.

Whiskey wonders at the strange places we see in the woods...

So in this particular trip we went to the airport and went through it, strait back to the back fence, which you can’t see really until you pass through some trees. The grass is fantastic- like some sort of hay perhaps because it had a hay type smell released from it when we walked. But I know nothing about grasses so for all I know it is hay that’s been mowed down or it’s in no way related to hay! But it lays over one another creating a carpet that you have to bring your foot way up to step up and over. And then on the other side you never know if the ground is going to have holes/ditches under the grass (it often did) so you’re preparing to be on shaky ground when you land your foot. This is quite a leg work out if you walk about it for 45 minutes like we did.

Whiskey had a lot of fun pointing and digging at critters in the tall grass

Whiskey loved the grass so much I promised to plant him some when we finally get our farm...

So to get to the airport- when you get to the end of Boshell Lane (at the tall old 10 foot fence gates) follow it up and to the right (don’t take the dirt road that breaks off to the left. That’s another completely different cool hike to somewhere else). So follow this road as it turns right and then dips down (You’ll also pass by the entrance to the graveyard to your left before it dips down to the old airport). Once you dip down you’ll see the alleged “airport” which is small. Perhaps it was for smaller planes or just helicopters? Also, we have no idea how much of the flat farm land around it was runway. According to Googlemaps which has apparently an old satellite picture, there’s quite a long runway there… As you approach the old hydrant and fence area you’ll notice old fencing like you see for horse or livestock corrals to your right. We went in a bit last time looking for fruit trees. Given what I’ve seen of the property, I’m assuming it used to be a farm and somewhere there should be fruit trees unless they were razed. I’ll just have to keep looking… I want to find them before spring and summer because they will no doubt be overgrown and hard to get to at that time.

Wendy dog sits so I can take a picture while Whiskey looks very serious

So, anyway, keep walking strait back past the airport and find a place to go over the back fence once you find it. We walked to our left and found a downed tree that we walked over that had bent the fence over. Whiskey did well hopping it even on the leash with me. We then walked a few hundred feet and popped out on another part of the shore directly across from the out bridge. We played around on the rocks and headed back. It was a nice day!

Woods behind me lead to the airport. Note what I call the dragonsteeth rock formations that emerge when the water is down.

Whiskey on the rocks.

Link to Lake Purdy area we’ve been hiking. It is all the unmarked section around Boshell Lane that we’ve been playing in. Hope the link works correctly!

For directions to the location see old Lake Purdy post.

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