Like a diminutive furry homeless person…

Today I escorted a small furry unwashed homeless person in my backseat. His name is Whiskey. I realized (in horror, and also in the confines of a small heated enclosure) that he smells like someone who hasn’t washed his clothes in ages and has peed on them. Repeatedly.  And I’m pretty sure I caught a bit of poop smell downwind towards the end. In other words, he smelled like a homeless person. Why? Why? does this happen??

Oh wow you smell bad Whiskey. This is him pooped out after a recent hike. It's the only time he's allowed (read, calm enough) to be in the front seat.

We take him to the groomers about once every 2 to 3 months but still it takes him no time to smell like a gutter. I think I didn’t notice it in the summer because he’d be in the truck, windows down, air on, his head poked out the back window, tongue a wagging and I’d think “what a great dog!” Now I have the windows closed, back window shut because of the cold and heat blasting and I think “Holy crap what died in here?! In it’s own poop!”

I should apologize in advance for whoever is riding to the Sipsey Wilderness this weekend. Perhaps you should bring smelling salts.

Worse, I began to wonder if my truck smells this way even when he’s not in it. Then I began to wonder how bad our house must smell. Then about myself. Omg I have to get him groomed soon, but in reality it’s unlikely to be until after January. Again, sorry to whoever will be riding with me this weekend. Be prepared to be astounded (nasally).

So the reason this happened today was because we made a hiking trip (off the main trails at Wetlands, Ruffner) and to Pet Smart where we were constantly assaulted by mean fat middle aged ladies who acted like Whiskey was going to kill their dogs. One even turned around mid aisle saying “no uh uh you’re not going near that dog!” (what? could she smell our homelessness smell?) and dragged her three fat small dogs behind her. There were two other similar comments from fat snobby white ladies about “that big dog!” and yes, Whiskey has a um, small tendency to act a little excited and and in a big black dog that apparently scares a lot of people. But really? I felt like it was a little akin to dog racism, or sizeism, or ignorantism. Don’t keep my dog from socializing with your nice fat little dogs just because you’re an ignoramus (or becuase he’s happy to see them). I felt bad for Whiskey who I practically had to drag on his neck out of the store after acquiring our dog food. (By this I mean, he has fur on his pads that I purposely don’t trim to help cushion his pads while hiking, and on slick floors he falls over. a lot. And when he sees dogs, well, he goes for them, and he doesn’t stop and I end up walking with a half flailing lunatic neck walking dog.) And no this doesn’t give them any reason to turn and walk the other way. Anyone could see he was a big happy dog. Not a “I’m going to eat your tails!” dog.

But enough about that. On to the hiking. Today I went to the wetlands trail and then kept strait at the left turn where you would normally go to the Wetlands. I have no idea who’s land this is or if it continues to belong to Ruffner.

The trail divides. Note the head and fist sized rocks that made this part of the road a lot of fun to walk on (not really).

There are a lot of cool places off the trail and a lot of faded almost gone roads (mostly headed back to the left) that you could take and explore more. We were low on time so we stayed strait and eventually came out to a view of a neighborhood. And a bench.

At the somewhat end of the trail there is a mysterious bench. Weird. Am I in someone's backyard?

I wondered if we were in someone’s back yard. I could see houses but there were clear delineations between yard and woods and nobody right in front of the bench. Best that I can tell on Googlemaps I came out somewhere near a road called Lance Way. And according to the satelite view I can go wayyyy to my left before hitting houses and keep going to the right also, an incredible distance down into the woods before hitting hwy 11. Hwy 11! Awesome. I cannot wait to explore these woods completely. There are some strange things showing up in the satelite map too. What looks like boulder fields though you can’t tell the size of the rocks very well. They may only be fridge sized, and a few open spaces that look like they have muddy ponds. I’m on it!

I loved how the frail slender trees made triangles the sun poked through. Such a pretty new trail for us today.

But my current favorite was what I’m calling the Ivy Stretch. Ivy encroaches from the left from a steep hill that I didn’t feel like traversing with the dog attached. A spring is at the bottom and a rock face structure that looked like it could either be an attempt to enclose where the spring bubbles up, or is a reinforced opening to a mine. I can’t wait to climb down there and see. All around us were old railroad ties and really nice grass and ivy. Wow.

What an inspiring and magical stretch of trail. I think I'm going to bring my art stuff next time and plant it here for a while.

Okay, so to get to the Wetlands trail entrance visit this previous post and scroll down to directions for parking instructions.

Rating: 10 happy tail wags out of 10!

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