Drooling on the computer

There is a blog that I absolutely love. Last night I laughed so hard I fell over on my computer heaving with laughter and couldn’t sit back up. I’m pretty sure I drooled on the keyboard. And while I’m not advocating for everyone to face plant their lap top- I do think if this doesn’t crack you up then you are not human.

The dog however, was not amused and huffed quite a bit in my noise making revelry. Obviously he doesn’t read english, or interpret fine art or he would have seen the hilarity of Allie’s posts. Well, okay, maybe not since this one is really making fun of dogs.

Go forth and enjoy Hyperbole and a Half’s blog entry on dogs and moving. Click her drawing to visit Allie’s fantastic blog.

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One Response to Drooling on the computer

  1. Jenne says:

    Our dogs are like that with trips. Chance get depressed whenever they see the suitcase come out – even if they are coming too and Chloe is just “La-la-la-la, what?! your leaving?!! When did you decide to do this?! NO! You can’t leave without me if I;m first through the door! Mwhahaha!!! Crap! You said stay…” and the whining starts.

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