What is your major malfunction, Whiskeybutt!?!

What is your major malfunction Whiskey?!?

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blogging to tell you there will not be a blog on a hike today, even though I think the backlog of hiking and parks is up to 5 now. Because all of my free time today was eaten up by Whiskey rolling* the left side of his face and neck into the sickest, grossest poo** I have ever seen and then me having to give him a bath.

A bath in the sense that I wetted and lathered him up outside the tub and then carefully manuevered his fat butt into the to HUGE tub we have that I have trouble stepping into (great for soaking, not for shoving 65lbs of “NO DON’T MAKE ME!!!” into…::grumble::). I was actually really worried I’d hurt his back right leg because it didn’t make it in with the rest of him. I mean it did right after that, but it looked painful.

So I don’t have time to write anything about a trail because I like maps and links and stuff. But I wanted to share this holiday time joy with you. Oh, and I didn’t bathe “all” of him. Just the offended part. I’m really impressed with how good he did. By good I mean that he became imobilized (once his back leg made it in with him) and stared off into space like I was about to rape or kill him. I felt bad about him going into the fear coma but it was necessary to “un-poo” him.

The least I can do is put in a picture of Whiskey in fresher times.

Foxy tailed Whiskey all fluffled out and poo free.

So to answer my original question, turns out Whiskey does not have a major malfunction. It’s perfectly normal and dog like to do this behavior. I just have to keep a better eye on him when he’s on the leash and near the poo….

And some links to good info about poo-rolling. Here’s a good compilation of information and their original inks. And just in case, a second place with info.

*rolling is actually too light of a description. Perhaps I should say he was frantically and excitedly smashing his face with all 65 lbs of his body into the dirt as if his last wish on earth was to become one with the poo.
**so bad was the poo that I actually called it “diseased.” Also, I would not be surprised if the animal who poo’d it doesn’t die of something any minute now.
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