Dogs + Christmas Lights =


I mean, not at first, but eventually. Okay, so now that we’ve got the punch line out of the way, onto the good stuff, like, “where are the good Christmas lights this year?” and, inevitably “why did you take your dog?!”

Question #1 can be answered initially in two parts, and then expanded upon below.

  1. A mile from where you live
  2. Mountain Brook

1. A mile from where you live- by this I mean, a mile from where you live you can probably find this

Wow I wish this was a better quality picture. They have a gazillion lights. On the same street as Irondale Community School.

And, yes, I’m serious about this. Start driving at night and make ever widening circles or just systematically cover the streets. Unless you live in an area without 24 hour access to electricity you *will* find the Grizwolds somewhere within a mile of your house. Worst case scenario it’s closer to 2 or 3 miles. But I’ve never lived anywhere that didn’t have one of these houses.

Back in the day when driving for Christmas lights was more sacred and regular (I know very few people who really make a night of it, sure they might inadvertently pass some on the way home or to a party- that does not count. Let me repeat, that does not count) everyone knew where this house was on my street growing up and people would drive by and stop. It would back up traffic on the road I lived on for blocks. People would pull over and stop. It was expected. I mean this guy had it rigged to the sky. You could see it in outer space I’m sure. Then he died and there were no more Christmas lights any more. Then his house was sold, and I doubt the young couple that eventually moved in even had any idea that he was famous for his Christmas lights display. But he’s not alone in his fervor.

2. Mountain Brook. Headed from our neck of the woods (Irondale) just take Montevallo Road until you come to Overbrook Road. Turn left and all around the Canterbury Church area (Norman Drive, Alder Lane, Overbrook Circle, etc.) all have these beautifully lit lawns and houses. Each lawn had a Christmas tree lit in the yard. Then there are additional lights. Most are conservative white lights but then you get the occasional crazy blow up (on top of your house!):

This is in Mountain Brook. We could see the Santa (on the roof) from blocks away and simply drove towards it. Can you find it?

In addition, most have their curtains open to see the inside tree and lights. I’ve never seen Christmas trees as large as some of these people have. I mean, seriously I think some were 10 feet in diameter. Not Joking. Optical illusion? Maybe. Impressive? Definitely.

Do make sure you go to each of the villages as each one is decorated. The village I like best is the one where Western is. It has a circle of lit trees that you can drive around and around looking at their beautiful branches.

Places to go:

–   Palisades Park in Oneonta: website, facebook
–   Christmas on the Creek in Montevallo: Mention of it in Montevallo’s Calendar. It is not well publicized. We went last year and thought it was a little expensive and short compared to what Palisades packs in for just a donation.
–   Again, a mile from your house you can find this, or a cousin of this. Check out Kasey’s youtube video of a house near her. Turn up the sound to check out how it is synched with Christmas music! Crazy. This is off of Mount Olive Road. I don’t have the exact address but something tells me you can’t miss it. Also, Kasey says to turn your radio to 88.1 to hear the synchronized music.

So back to the puke… after almost two hours of riding in Brandon’s car (the car Whiskey is not accustomed to riding in) he lost his cookies. And his cake. And his composure. It was disgusting. I hate that the only reason we didn’t get home before he hurled was because I wanted a picture of us together and Brandon was driving towards a nearby lit house to get the photo opp. I had said Whiskey looked ill. Brandon had dismissed my instincts, and I ended up cleaning up puke runoff in the freezing night because of it. I think I’ll follow my instincts next time… Sorry Whiskey!

Santa makes a loop around Lake Drive in Mountain Brook

The reason we took him was this- we like him. He likes car rides. No brainer. However, to set the record straight I think Whiskey is Jewish or maybe a pagan. He has absolutely no interest in Christmas in any way and has expressed disdain for our Christmas Tree. He could have cared less about the Christmas lights and only enjoyed driving around. The same is true of walking. We can walk right by a giant blinking light display on our street and he could care less. He’s only interested in dog things. Not holiday things. Oh well.

It was about this time when Whiskey began to worry about loosing his cookies. Just look at that face...

Sorry Whiskey! We’ll take you on a shorter Christmas Lights Extravaganza next year, I promise.

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8 Responses to Dogs + Christmas Lights =

  1. Heather says:

    Hahaha! I see BOTH of those houses nightly on my way home from work. I know of 3 other houses that are CRAZY too. If you are on 31 in Fultondale headed back towards Birmingham in the neighborhood just past the last 65 ramps on the left. Here is a link to their website

  2. Brooke says:

    I LOVE the last pic of you and Whiskey. I think its the best thing to take him looking @ lights with you guys… Because you like him 🙂 Warmed my dog lovin heart, Gina. 🙂

  3. Wade Kwon says:

    Thanks for your help, Gina (and Whiskey)! We’ve included your photos and video on our Christmas lights guide.

  4. Kelly Paulk says:

    I know the house in Gardendale!!!!!! We used to go every year! A couple of years we went through the inside of the house. They really went Christmas-crazy…but great memories!!!

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