Blizzardsaurus Rex 2010

Before the blizzard (and the stomach bug/food poisoning/whatever) hit

Winter waved its magic wand over NYC (and a lot of other places) and caused firm blankets of dinosaur stopping snow. It certainly stopped Delta. Which caused our 3 day holiday vacation to NYC to become ::drumroll:: 6.

I'm pretty sure there's a trail between those lamp posts

The blizzard stranded dozens of motorists on highways, trains and buses in NYC while we were there. Lucky for us Midtown was not deterred and despite the occasional stranded car (and um, bus) the city opened and purred like normal so we were able to eat and have a good time.

Well, mostly. The eating and getting out and having a good time was dampered by some of the worst sickness either of us had experienced in years, maybe decades. A quick but deadly enemy of the stomach- it struck without warning and kept us each (in turn) from being able to leave the hotel room for a day each. Luckily not at the same time, so that the “well” one could scavenge food for the “sick” one. Poor Robertson clan.

picturesque Central Park in the wee hours of the blizzards beginning...

So enough about us- what about Whiskey? Well, he missed everything. I hear we got a white Christmas here in Alabama. First in a long time. Here’s a link to the history of snow in the Birmingham area and while we have gotten some on Christmas day in the past (both my husband and I remember a light sprinkling in the 80’s) this was the first “official” White Christmas here in weather’s recorded history of the last 100 years. And we missed it. And so did Whiskey. Poor Whiskey. The whole time I was up there in Central Park watching dogs blissfully careening over mounds of fluffy white, barreling through banks of snow, I thought, “Whiskey would sure love this.”

Our vet’s office assured us they gave him special attention while we were MIA (he’s never been separated from us this long before) and the husband took him to the dog park to run out a weeks worth of unexercised energy so I can snuggle with him calmly later. He stinks to high heaven but that’s to be expected. Groomer trip is in order very soon. We plan to give him a very special Christmas treat (giant stuffed Christmas hedgehog that squeaks) and dinner (the sacred canned variety) to make up for the lost family time.

The day of his rescue from a week stranded at the vet, Whiskey makes friends at the dog park.

I had no intention to be away from the blog this long (four days I thought) but it’s been far longer. So this post is really an explanatory post of our absence. I plan to be back and blogging strong vera’ vera’ soon. After all we didn’t even get in till around 1 a.m. this morning, and then both of us up this morning for jobs about 4 hours later, egad!

In the meantime here are some dog things to do in NYC:

  • Central Park, Central Park, Central Park. Let me say it again, go to Central Park with your dog. I wish Whiskey had been there with us. Maybe one year we’ll drive up so he can go. The above link has all the rules you need to know before you go.
  • For excellent views of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan skyline, NY Harbor, and more check out Valentino Pier, which welcomes you and your dog.
  • Westminster Kennel Club will be coming to Madison Square Garden in February. Here is’s run down of the show.
  • Go to a NYC dog run and meet real New Yorkers and their adorable dogs. Here’s the official site to find one and about their rules.
  • In Central Park do go check out Balto’s statue (a husky famous for the 1925 serum run to Nome, Alaska). More on Balto from Wikipedia.

Visit these NYC Dog Sites:

  • A fabulous Brooklyn Dog Blog that I like. Check it out!
  • A good little website about NY animals.
  • Haven’t looked too deep into this one but it seems to be a sort of a um- database is the best word I can think of- of dog related nyc info.
  • Serious about taking your dog with you to NY? Check into this great book ALL about dog walks called “City Walks with Dogs: New York.” Ahem, I’d seriously like to do this for Alabama. Watch out people!

There are far too many upscale dog/pet retail stores to mention and since we didn’t visit any (but it’s definitely on our next NYC to do list!) I can’t recommend any. But I do recommend visiting some. Just google dog stores in NYC and be amazed at the number of responses. You might start also with this list of places that carries Ever More Dog Food. I wish I had known about this local fresh healthy food for dogs. I would have gone and bought some!

And some human things to do (top picks from our trip):

  • Upright Citizens Brigade! The improv we saw there was pee your pants funny.
  • Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Okay, this one closes Jan. 2nd so keep your eye out for a production near you. Someone else will do it, and you should go see it.
  • Go to Central Park
  • Eat some dessert at Max Brenners
  • Visit the greenmarket (think farmers/crafts market) at Union Square. Well worth your time for all the local in your face talent you’ll be assaulted with. We went to the Holiday Market, so it was low on produce, but high on homemade goods!
  • You MUST eat at Kodama if you have any love for Japanese food at all. The menu is astounding. Don’t be afraid of the shop like entrance off of 8th that doesn’t look like it goes to a restaurant. It does and it will astound you. Sit at the bar if you can and you get to watch the sushi chefs work magic.
I’ll leave you with this picture, sans Whiskey from NYC.
Everyone have a good night and avoid blizzards!


(at ucb theatre) Me under pictures of the great UCB comedians. Oh the joy.

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2 Responses to Blizzardsaurus Rex 2010

  1. Heather says:

    I am so glad you guys had fun other than the stomach illness…You should have stayed the rest of the week and came home this weekend. NYE in NYC is a great experience & everyone should have it on their bucket list to experience once…

    • Gina V says:

      Oh believe me we thought about it. 2 problems though- 1: the cats were out of food and no one has the key to check on them (uh oh, we have remedied this problem) and 2: I have not earned any sick or vacation time yet that I can use… so any time I miss I don’t get paid for and to keep benefits you must work a certain number of hours a week so it was out of the picture 😦 But we thought about it!

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