Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

Okay not really. What you really get is this:

Sorry about your clean clothes Brandon. But the pets prefered it to the blankets...

We’ve been teaching Whiskey and Midnight to learn to trust each other more, and to learn to lay down and sleep next to each other. It’s been a brilliant success.

wuv, true wuv...

Because I can’t help myself here is another. Too bad Babycat is too feral, too scaredy cat, and too slow to adapt to change to join in just now. But don’t worry, I’m working on it. She can now hide under the bed for hours before wanting to go out! This is a huge improvement over the first 8 months of having the dog when she refused to come in the house at all. Now she can sit 10 feet away from him outside and not bolt! Progress people!

What faces they make!

But in case you’re wondering, dogs and cats living together does not always = peace. Just ask the ghostbusters.

Lastly, here’s a classic shot after Midnight abandons ship. Note that Whiskey has one eye on me, and one eye on the wayward cat who’s abandoned him. Whiskey wants to eat Midnights ears (or is trying to clean them, we’re not really sure) and Midnight can usually only take so much (his head is usually sopping wet after a few minutes of this, um, treatment and he doesn’t seem to like it.)

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