My dog, an unconditional love story

I urge you to watch this movie. Funny, endearing, honest, and heart warming you will find someone in there who makes you laugh, smile, or maybe even sniffle as they talk about their beloved four legged friends. It’s a short watch (50 minutes) and is available on Hulu and Netflix instant.

When it first started I was sure it was a spoof movie about devoted dog owners, much in the way of Best in Show or This is Spinal Tap.

“This is what I always wanted- someone who couldn’t stand life without me and followed me around like some slow witted cousin.” THE best quote in the film where I lost it and probably blew sweet tea out because it seems so true to me and was so unexpected.

The quote was by Billy Collins, who was the Poet Laureate of the US from 2001 – 2003 and after listening to him talk on this film, you can certainly see why. The man exudes genius and understanding of the word. How could he not be a poet. Poets are the awesomest people…

Watch a small clip:

Also as with everything else in the world (including Whiskey) they have a facebook page.

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