Whiskey’s First Snow

When it snowed on Christmas we were in NYC and Whiskey was in the vet’s boarding facility. So unfortunately he hasn’t had a proper introduction to snow.

four feet become one when running in the snow...

Well, as of today he has.

The snow began coming down Sunday night and we ventured bravely out to give Whiskey a turn in the snow. To say he loved it would be an understatement. I  think he loved the snow more than us! He ate it, shoved his face in it, rolled around in (much akin to how he rolls in poop if you’ve ever seen a dog do that) and chased snow balls to his hearts content.
A short video of a few snow ball pounces. Now just imagine this going on as long as you’re willing to throw them.

He seemed very happy and at home in the snow and it was very hard to not keep taking him out into it to play all night long. I conked out at midnight but the boys kept going out sporadically for a while after that.

Whiskey attacks then devours a wayward snowball

The next day we walked on the snow (okay, ice at that point really) and gave Whiskey a chance to run free in a baseball field nearby. Funnily enough he just plopped down after a few turns around the field. After five minutes of trying to coax him into running we called it a day. He definitely preferred the fluffy snow to the iceland we woke up to the next day.

Whiskey pulling me down the hill on a makeshift sled.

The sledding was a lot of fun. We are going to buy a real sled and a harness made for pulling for future sledding (but also for bikejoring and scooterjoring activities where he needs a proper harness to distribute weight so it won’t hurt him). Mostly he ran beside me until we got close to the bottom of the hill then he’d take off pulling me faster until I ultimately would lose the sled and slide out several feet on just my jacket. That was fun!

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