New Years Day Traditions

The last few years we’ve been taking a hike on New Years Day.

First stop on our hiking tour.

Sit! Goodboy.

This is not one of my husbands favorite things to do (hiking that is) but he does it because it makes me happy. Granted he doesn’t do it nearly as much as I do, but just enough to make me not lose hope that he’ll ever go with me again lol.  And New Years Day is the day I want to spend doing the things I’ll be doing all year long for the next year.

Whiskey (and I) try to wait patiently for a gps app to load on B’s phone.

Whiskey and I offer our assistance to help hurry things along (i.e. we are bored).

So naturally I’d want to spend it hiking, eating good food, and spending it with my little family.

We give up. Nothing to do but cross our paws and wait.

So we trekked out into my favorite stomping grounds (Ruffner) and made our way around some new ground (for Brandon and Whiskey that is).

On top of crusher no. 2- feeling at home in the woods…

This is the first year to have the dog along with us so that always presents challenges (packing for him, teaching him how to behave when going over a tricky part of a trail, or near other hikers) but well worth the joy he brings to our lives.

just in case you ever doubted I was the center of the universe

We’ve decided on “with me” to be the command to teach him that on steep slopes where I’m half climbing up or half sliding down when descending that he must stay with me and not pull and send us to our rocky bloody deaths down the loose Alabama rock mountain side. I was so proud of how well Whiskey did with picking this up while descending a loose rock, clay soiled, frightening trail where I had to cling to small pitiful trees and allow momentum to carry me down the trail at times (there’s no braking on that kind of slope sometimes). Whiskey seemed attentive, watching me, sensing the importance of his task to stay “with me” and to be quite honest, if he hadn’t I’d have a broken arm I know, as the scramble down was a good 50 feet or more. Go Whiskey!

On top of the crusher.

In the New Year I wish for all of you that your life is full of love, full of activities you want to do, and surrounded by the people who raise you up and cherish you. Here are mine and Whiskey’s new years resolutions for the new year.

Crusher no. 2 in all it’s glory.

Hike every week (so far I haven’t missed a week since October and often fit in 2 hikes a week!).
Clean out my entire house, organize everything, and finally get a realistic death grip on my ever growing to do list.
Continue to nurture the friendships I have with talented, amazing women who are drama free and honest both with themselves and others.
Spend more time creating a space/place at home that is a sanctuary for my loved ones
continuing to grow with my husband in our marriage.
I want to spend more time cooking at home in hopes of loosing these last ten pounds and being more healthy.
Spend more time writing and actually finally sending out my work.

Whiskey’s resolutions (in his own words, I swear!):

Whiskey takes a few minutes to dictate his new years resolutions to me.

I’ll learn not to pull on the leash so much.
I’ll continue to make everyone in the Robertson household laugh everyday at least 15 times.
Teach Midnight that it’s okay to play rough and crazy with me! really! I won’t hurt you lil’ cat.
Bond with Babycat who seems much more willing than the other cat to play if only I could get her to trust me.
Convince my owners to buy me more soft toys (I won’t eat them any more I promise!)
Never cause Gina to have poop envy again.
Continue to get more time around actual dogs! I need as much play time as possible so I can be the best pup ever!

This hike of course gets 5 tail wags out of 5.

Happy New Year from the Robertson Family!

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