A Pause in the Programming

No midweek post this week. There was a pause in the programming due to lots of stuff going on. Also, Whiskey has been banned from the bedroom (where I type) while blogging and when I’m on the internet. Apparently, he doesn’t like it. I’m going to have to fandangle how to get a picture of this while still on the computer (husband called into duty I guess?). It’s pretty funny to see, but annoying to participate in. The dog is constantly slapping the keyboard with his paws and trying to stand on my lap/keyboard, or placing his big paws on my shoulders as if to say “now look here you!” or “you get off that contraption right this minute missy!”

So now that he’s been kicked out, let me tell you about a local “trail” of sorts that I bet you don’t know about. I’d heard about it, and seen it from afar but somehow still had this idea that it was private property of the hospital and stayed clear. A real uncertain “Are we allowed in there?” feeling.

But it turns out it’s open to the public, not just hospital staff and between all the loops you can easily get a mile out of it. Doubling it up and looping through you can get several! It’s a nice track.

Location: Trinity Medical Center, 800 Montclair Road, Birmingham, AL 35213

Click here for Directions/map:   http://www.trinitymedicalonline.com/Directions/Pages/Directions.aspx

The trail has parking along the street on the side where the wooded fitness trail is. There may be parking on the other side of the park too, but we didn’t venture out that way to find out.

Not free advertising for the house guy. However, parking runs all the way up 52nd pretty much to the hospital.

The trail makes a nice loop through the woods with a pond area. Lots of benches and torture devices (workout equipment appropriate for the outdoors) along the trail. A few garbage cans exist here and there (I think I saw 2 or 3) for easy poop disposal. There were also several people walking their dogs but didn’t seem “friendly” in that “hey let me meet your dog!” kind of way that we are used to so don’t expect this to be a dog park per se. It’s more a “I’m out running and exercising and please don’t distract us” park. We tried to stay clear of these dog owners. Check out the pictures of the different “stops” and signs below. I just hope you pick a slightly warmer day to go. The day we went was one of the coldest I had experienced out with Whiskey. That or I’ve become desensitized to it.

A map of the trail and above it (not shown) are the different loops and ways you can use the trail. Vera' nice.

We tried to get Whiskey to walk on the bench. Not much for the agility training. But he did want to shake hands while perching there.

Also note the “face” he’s making in this picture. It says it all. The one we took right before it is normal, then this one was like “the crap you people make me do…” lol.

Now for some of the torture, I mean, exercise areas along the trail. I mean, jeeze, you are already walking doesn’t that count as exercise?

Wow, it needs a lot of explanation!

Exercise equipment is immediately to the right of the sign above (don’t blink you’ll miss it).

Explanation of torture devices, and devices to left on trail.

I might hurt myself on these. They seem very high up...

another exercise pit stop

Whiskey ponders all these strange things on his hiking trail.

This picture is pretty funny. No not because I look like an overripe tomato, but because Whiskey wanted up on the rock but couldn’t quite manage it. I was laughing because I was like “Dude, that’s never going to work out. Not on this leash.” I’m pretty sure if he really wanted to manage it he could, but not while leashed to a tomato.

a good view of the trail and it's winding around and ways in and out below us

My two loves walk off into the sunset (not without me mind you, just a little ahead 🙂

Rating: 4 tail wags out of 5. We look forward to going back and would definitely make a good place to jog!

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