Lucky Dog Rescue

I’ve never met Ashely Owen Hill in person, but we know each other through the wild world that is face book.

Ashley with her beloved dog Rudy. Click their picture to read Rudy's story.

Specifically the wild world of rescue groups and fellow animal lovers on fb. She works tirelessly to save animals in her neck of the woods (and a lot of other peoples necks too!) and she does important work that needs doing and is difficult. She works for those without voices. She seems to me (through the virtual veil that separates us) to be both one of the toughest and kindest people I’ve ever encountered. You have to be tough as nails to do rescue work or the emotional toll will down you. You also have to have an enormous amount of love in your body or you will pass over animals that are passed over every day.

There are three important things that I want you to know about Ashley.

1. She has a fabulous blog that is truly written from the heart, exemplifying both good writing and her kindness for animals. Her blog is located at: 2. She is the Dogs Deserve Better representative in Mississippi. If you aren’t familiar with Dogs Deserve Better then I hope you will visit their site and friend them and your local representative on fb. They work to get all dogs off of chains and into homes that will provide for them and love them fully. Not just tie them up and forget about them in the back yard, or use them as a full proof alarm system (I mean, if you were tied up way away from humanity, kindness, and often food and shelter then wouldn’t you bark like crazy every time a potential kind person came near that might pay attention to you? Works every time…)

You can click the image above for their sight or click here to follow them on Face Book.

3. As their Director of Communications, I think she would want you to know about Pet Pardons. Here’s the lowdown.

“Pet Pardons is a facebook application that allows users to get involved in trying to save dogs & cats on death row in shelters, in addition to promoting pets in no-kill shelters. The goal of Pet Pardons is to find homes for shelter pets who are scheduled for euthanasia, by getting their faces & stories out to the public. The hope is that someone will be able to help each pet by fostering, transporting, donating, and/or adopting.

In order to help a Pet Pardons dog or cat, the user can click the “Advocate” button on each pet’s profile. The “Advocate” button will instantly share the pet on the user’s facebook wall, allowing the user’s friends to see & share the pet as well. The more users who advocate for each dog & cat, the better the chances of the pet being seen by someone who can rescue or adopt—thus granting the pet a “pardon!”

I hope you’ll go to their page and scroll around. Or better yet, install the app, but whatever you do like their page so that they’ll continue to get coverage and grow. It’s amazing what the FB community can do to help animal when it comes together to help.

Now, as a bonus, I’ll throw in that Ashley also runs a kennel called Lucky Dog Retreat in Mississippi. Visit her page for the Retreat to learn more! It sounds like just the place that Whiskey would love to visit (if we lived closer that is!).

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8 Responses to Lucky Dog Rescue

  1. I can’t even tell you how touched I am by this amazing post about me! You are incredible for doing this.. you always support, encourage, & help me in every way you can. And I could just never thank you enough for being you, & for loving me! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! For all that you do! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!
    Ashley Hill
    Lucky Dog Rescue Blog

  2. I also want to mention that I’m the Mississippi/Alabama State Liasion for Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), which is the most AMAZING organization ever! If you haven’t joined ARC yet, please check out our website:
    Amazing organization, incredible people… I’m just so honored to be a part of it 🙂

    Anyway, just wanted to mention that so people can check it out! 🙂 Thanks Gina!!!

    • Gina V says:

      Again I am just shocked at all the things you do. I’d no idea you were with ARC too. Rock on girl. Thanks for adding the link! 🙂

  3. Chris Hoar says:

    Gina, you are the best for this! Ashley was the first person to ever volunteer to help at Pet Pardons and through that time i have come to know her very well. She is indeed incredible. She is an absolutely remarkable and highly capable woman, and also the funniest person i ever met. Her compassion for Animals never ceases to amaze me and my life is so much better with her in it. Thank you so much for promoting her and her work, you are my new favorite person of the day 🙂

  4. Georgette says:

    Everyone at Animal Rescue Corps (
    has fallen in love with Ashley too. Did she tell you that she is the ARC state representative for Alabama and Tennessee?

  5. Gail Madak says:

    You and Ashley are both forces to be reckoned with. Your blog is outstanding. Ashley’s commitment to animals, like yours, spreads comfort and joy throughout the land.

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