First flower of spring, er…winter

Well, spring in the south arrives early with no need for help from anything like oh, a spring equinox date. No it heralds in like a herd of elephants blowing and pooping all over the place. Don’t believe me? Just go look at my hammock that has survived summer and fall with little evidence of birds loitering about- and now its covered with suspicious piles of stuff that I’m worrisome about. How do people keep those things clean anyway?

Okay, so it’s still winter but flowers are popping up everywhere and I’ve been picking them from our yard. I like to have flowers in a vase somewhere almost all year long (except for the lonely winter months where not much is blooming).

Here is Whiskey celebrating the first picked flower. Here is Whiskey trying to drag it off to eat it. He actually really likes to stop and smell the flowers and for this I am glad. I just wish he wouldn’t try to eat them as well.

And now because I love to educate as well as entertain here are some useful things to know about dogs and plants:

The ASPCA’s Toxic plant list and wow they have almost 400 of them! I encourage you to click on the plant before making judgment as some of them are misleading. For instance, apples are fine. If you click on the “apple” link it will further explain that it is only the parts of it we don’t eat any way that are dangerous for dogs (for instance the seeds contain cyanide). So click away and explore! What a great resource!

A much smaller chart from cybercanine.

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