Yes Biscuit

I wanted to take a minute to share a link to one of my favorite animal blogs.

I love YesBiscuit!. I feel like the writer is fair and firm. A rare thing these days. When a shelter was recently accused of slaughtering all of their animals (90?) to make room for “new stock” she was the only calm voice in a sea of “burn ’em to the ground!” angry voices. She gave them a chance to explain themselves, politely, and also attempted to point out that the wave of “kill all the bad humans who did this!” rage wasn’t helping. She was calm. And I was so thankful she was there to bring the mob down a bit.

On top of that she puts in a very large amount of research into many of her stories. I appreciate the level of documentation, research, and care she gives to writing her stories. The blog also often deals with Southern shelter/dog related issues, which of course I appreciate.

Needless to say, I subscribe to this blog and read it every time it lights up my phone.

If you would like a dose of animal related welfare topics, educated conversation about animals, as well as lovely links to their pet of the day features then I suggest checking it out or better yet subscribing. Again their link is:

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