The apple doesn’t fall far…

We just returned from the vet to learn that Whiskey has gained weight not lost weight like I’d thought! What the????

Whiskey's food of choice! (Ours not his. He'd choose chinese food, or whatever I'm eating 🙂

I thought because he went from being “pudgy” feeling to firm that we’d been successful in shaving off those extra pounds. Wrong. Apparently despite his feeling all firm and muscley he’s gained weight. He’s now at 70lbs. The vet asked about his diet. So here goes… he gets about 2 soft treats a day (smallish), two dog biscuits, and about 2 1/2 cups of Blue Wilderness Salmon recipe. Part of his food allowance goes into his Kong with peanut butter. Sometimes I feed him fresh veggies, white rice, or fruit that I am eating that day. Usually about 3 tablespoons max of these treats. I try not to give him his other treats if he gets those.

However, not much of this matters in the grand scheme of things since he only eats that meal about every day and a half or every other day. That’s right- he’ll skip meals gladly. When we fed him the crap filled dog food that made him have horrible gas and other unmentionable problems he ate with gusto. We switched to higher quality foods that were highly recommended for huskies and he eats way less, but gained more… weird. The food switch was spurred on by (as best I could narrow it down) a wheat/soy/corn intolerance that left him with excruciatingly painful gas that seemed a lot like what I’ve read about bloat. Once we got rid of that out of his diet he eliminated (no pun intended) the gas/bloat problem and has done well. Well, except for being a picky dog food eater… snacks and human food are fantastic in his book, but the dog food…er…not so much!

The doc recommended cutting him back to even 2 cups a day (well below the recommended minimum for his weight range (3 cups). But like the vet said, he looks healthy, he’s overweight (she said he’d lost his waistline! lol), and still energetic so it’s fine to cut it back. Okay… so we’ll cut back.

The vet also suggested we not let him eat when he wants to, but instead put the food down and remove it if he doesn’t eat in 30 minutes. Yeah, doc, we’ve played that game before and it wasn’t any fun. I may try it again after I get back from my trip in April. She seems to think that this will encourage him to eat when the food is actually put down. Hmm.. we’ll see. She wasn’t worried by his stints between eating, labeling it one of those “every dogs different” kind of things followed by a “as long as he’s in good shape and not underweight” kind of things.. I’ve read in several places on other peoples blogs/websites about their huskies regularly skipping days to eat. They often associate it with “not enough exercise.” I think this might be true because on the days that we get the most exercise, he eats the most. Unfortunately I can’t take him on a 4 hour hike every day. Or even a 2 hour one.

If you’ve found my blog in attempts to figure out why your husky/dog is eating so weird or to get help with what to feed them and how I hope this helps. It’s a never ending saga with Whiskey to get the food thing worked out. I thought we had it worked out but here we go again with tampering with our routine. I hope getting those ten pounds off is worth it lol! But I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t a “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…” sort of scenario. I mean afterall- neither Brandon nor I are in um, perfect physical shape.  Maybe Whiskey’s just taking after good ole mum and dad?

When Whiskey was a puppy (and was 15lbs underweight when we got him- per our vet, but at least he had a waist!). Don't worry- he wasn't drinking lol!

Wow, looking at this picture I think there should be a caption contest lol! What great captions we could get out of that one!

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