It’s that time of year again

Wow I’ve got so many things to write about. I’m back from the AT, we survived the storm with no damage to the house (just a HUGE tree to cut down that fell in the yard hitting nothing but another tree! yay!), Whiskey did so well during the storms too btw, we have lots of new toys I could review, I’ve read several dog books I’ve been wanting to write about, *and* I still have like a gazillion hikes from the past few months I haven’t blogged about but phew…. to find the time!!!

Since I don’t have time to write about any of those today though I’ll blog about something completely different!

OMG Would you look at all that deliciousness!

Picture taken by Irondale Cafe and borrowed from their FB Page.

One of my favorite things about May is the start of the Farmers Market Season officially. Today as I was taking Whiskey on our regular walk we ran (literally) into the farmers market that sets up every Wednesday in front of the Irondale Cafe. Shocker. I didn’t expect to see them and I had no money! I had to go back after dropping Whiskey back off at home. I talked for a while with the 3 sellers who were there: one had fresh baked bread (bought a loaf $4), one was Whited farms (bought fresh strawberries $3), and the other had herbs to be planted and some newly cut flowers (flowers $1 a stem- bought two, and BIG containers of Rosemary to plant $3 a piece). These are all very reasonable prices! I love farmers markets.

Here’s my concern, behavior wise- that Whiskey will not be able to handle himself in these situations. Here’s my dream, behavior wise- that Whiskey learns how to not be so “pushy” trying to be everyone’s friend so that I can enjoy taking him to these markets without incident. I wish he could learn not to rush up to anyone, but wow it is hard to not be pulled by him. If he wants to pull me by god he’s gonna. He just doesn’t understand that not every one wants a wet nose on their hand, shirt, pants leg, etc. Also, I noticed one of the sellers was a little wary of my letting him sniff the wares. He would never grab something off of the table, and I was careful not let him actually lick anything. He just wanted to smell. I think this is fair to do and not crossing a line. But maybe I’m wrong?

My hope is that by going to this smaller farmers market I can help teach him the way to behave. I think this is going to take a lot of treats. But luckily we have a lot of Wednesdays to work out the details.

I hope everyone close to Irondale will check out this farmers market. I really like them! Check them out too on Irondale Cafe on FaceBook or on the City of Irondales information page.

Details: Every Wednesday from 3-6 outside The Irondale Cafe

Rating: 3 tail wags out of 5. I give it this rating because it has fun for the human, good smells for the dog, tables and benches to sit at and watch the trains and eat some of your goodies as well as lots of neat older neighborhoods to walk around at if you want to fit in a walk while you’re there!

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