BookBark Review! Emily and Einstein

Synopsis: Emily Barlow looses her husband. The husband is given a second chance to redeem himself by being placed in the body of Einstein the dog, who inadvertently also caused his death (a point that was sadly not discussed by the author, or apparently revealed to Emily- it could have been such an interesting thing to read about and ponder from Emily’s point of view.) After a while Einstein is adopted by Emily and the two begin to heal their wounds, all the while Emily is suspicious of how her dog seems to just *know* things that only her husband knew.

My opinion: I really didn’t like this book, so I’m going to keep my page shredding review to myself. If you’re friends with me on GoodReads you can read the rant there. I’ll spare my blog visitors from reading it. It’s not the writing is bad- it’s good. Really good. I teared up in several places. It’s just that the characters are so unbelievably one dimensional (the bad husband is really really a jerk. And just a jerk. The selfish spoiled sister is so selfish you want to slap her through the book, Emily is so perfect and naive you want to do the same thing) that you feel like the potential of the book is significantly lowered by these narrow one dimensional characters that you want to throttle- not love.

Also, why they decided (at least on my version) to put a super cute puppy on as “Einstein” instead of very old scruffy dog that he is clearly described as in the book over and over again is confusing and a little insulting. 

I would not recommend the book for anyone, really. However, on GR a lot of people loved the book, so despite my criticism of it, you might really enjoy it! Don’t let my dislike deter you. Also, I’m always cognizant of how listening to a book can really make you feel differently than reading it. Perhaps if I had read the book I would have interepreted the characters differently than I did. Perhaps the voices of those reading it made them far more one dimensional then they were meant to be.

Rating: Either way, this book gets only one disgruntled tail thump from this doggie librarian.

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2 Responses to BookBark Review! Emily and Einstein

  1. You should try “The Guardian” by Nicholas Sparks .. if you can’t find it (highly unlikely) I have the book .. I thought it was great. I started reading it and 8 hours later had finished it. I couldn’t put it down, honestly I think it would make a great movie someday. 🙂

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