Lake Purdy and geese

On a recent afternoon we ventured to a swollen Lake Purdy. It was nice to see it up to it’s regular banks after months of hiking it and it being so low.

I wantz to eetz them.

The flood plain was flooded too, which was nice because it afforded us an opportunity to see a lot of geese, herons, and fish. The unidentified fish were stuck in the low water, and slowly flopping their way to deeper waters when they would get stuck on a tall grass or mound that was now underwater. I’ve never heard such a ruckus and I was sure that someone (or a lot of someone’s) were drowning! But when we went to go look… nothing but fish all over the flood plain just flopping loudly occasionally. You could have just walked right out there with a net and scooped them up.

Feeeesh! Let me eetz the feeeeesh!

However, I didn’t. Nor did I let Whiskey rush out and grab them with his teethies. Mostly because they kind a scared me. They reminded me of creepy eels. So we examined but didn’t snag. Maybe one day my furry friend. Maybe one day. There were a lot of pretty blooms out if you walked about enough to see them here and there along the road. I’m not sure when they will be opening the bridge back up but there were lots of guys out working on it when we were there.

We also crossed to the lake side proper and went to the right following back up along the lakeside back towards the way we drove in. We walked a fair way and was sorely dissapointed by all the trash. Sharp glass, old tin, plastic, fish hook devices, fish line, old styrofoam- you name it. I stood in one place and turned in a circle counting all the trash that I could see in my field of vision on the lakeshore right there and stopped after I got 50… that’s a lot of pieces of trash. Hard to believe.

We haven’t been back in several several weeks because of all my AT planning and house stuff. But I intend to go back and scope it out. Maybe we’ll take a trash bag this time if it’s still bad. I would not take my dog along the lake rim near the road. If you go further away from the road you do see less trash. People aren’t as willing to walk that far out.  It is quite a bushwack the further down you go. I’d really recommend this hike for a winter or fall hike. If you do go in the summer let me know how it is!

Rating: 2 tail wags out of 5 for trash, fear for paws with the glass, metal, and hooks, but at least 2 for all the cool geese, herron, and weird fish down on the safe paved road section!

Happy Hiking! And just for fun, because these pics came from my busted camera where I’ve no idea what I’m taking pictures of… the worst picture of the day award goes to….? This stunner! Only the tip of his fluuurfy tail got in the pic. Sorry dude.

Worst pic of the day goes to...!

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