When dogs herd fish…

There’s a nice track we’ve been going to a lot lately. I recommend it for anyone near Irondale. It’s across from a school, has lots of parking, is paved (great for when it’s rained and you don’t want to get muddy!) is well lit at night, has lots of picnic tables and a stream the dogs can run in. The stream seems to be fickle about running though. If you’ve had a good rain then yay, but if it’s been even moderately dry it could dry up in a hurry.

Whiskey checks out one of the picnic tables. Nope no food left around. Oh well...

Speaking of the stream I watched Whiskey discover baby fish the other day when we were there. It was hilarious to see him herding (attempting to herd maybe) fish. Well, I say herding but I actually think he just wanted to pounce on them with his paws. His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

I wish I could have gotten video of it! But alas. Not so lucky. He gets very very muddy in it though so I’m thinking since he’s got a grooming appointment coming up in a week I’m going to take him to the stream to get muddy to his hearts content for at least a week. If only I could convince him not to drink the water!

Location: Directly across from Irondale Community School

I’ve added this map of where the school is. If you find the school and are on 16th street then you can’t miss the park. I could neither find a sign at the park or find a listing of the park as any “official” park on Irondales park and rec page, so as for a name? Your guess is as good as mine!

Information: There are no garbage cans, and no doggie bag stations so bring your own and be ready to tote it home!  Also, I like to bring water for Whiskey, even in the winter there as I try to discourage him to drink water so close to a major road and a major set of RR tracks (runoff anyone?). Dogs must be leashed at all times. Beware of the set of houses at the end of the track where it cuts closer to the fenced in houses- lots of dogs that are fenced and seem pretty upset about dogs walking by. It’s annoying but nothing to worry about! Plug in your mp3 player and ignore them 🙂

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