Bikejoring Birthday Arrival!


"It might not look like much to you but to me it's a gateway to mushing!" Whiskey says.

I was going to try and post about the Garden City River Park today but then I got home and look what was waiting for me (er…Whiskey really. But he does require a human to use it!)

So that bright orange thing on the table is Whiskey’s new xback harness so that we can go bikejoring (or urban mushing) when the weather drops (and drops a lot!).

Here is a pic of Whiskey modeling the new fancy contraption. To his credit, he behaved just as he normally does when presented with a new thing to wear (backpack, harnesses, leashes etc.)- he began to bump into thing as if his entire sense of balance was off. Pretty funny to watch. He also didn’t want to turn his back or side to me so I could take the picture from that angle. He wanted to face me straight on.

Boy was it hard to get this picture! I love the bright color and reflective tape.

Now while I cannot review this product until we’ve put it into use, I can say I was pleasantly surprised that it had my phone number stitched into the harness itself. Nice touch!. Here is the website if you want to know more about Alpine Harnesses.

Do check out their websites “links” page if you are interested in urban mushing. They have a TON of good sites on there I didn’t know about.  Till next time guys! Have a great day 🙂

Close up. Note the felt type padding facing up. Very soft and feels thick and protective. Nice logo too!

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