I pulled an eyeball

No. Really, I threw my eyeball out.  Kind of like how you throw your back out? Yeah, like that. I pulled it. Or threw it out. Whichever.

It’s the right one (now ominously wrong) and it feels all sore and weird. Luckily I have an eye appointment scheduled for new glasses so I’ll mention it then. I’m not worried though.

It happened when I was outside with the dog (of course) and looked up. Something just went “bloiiiing oww…” and I slapped a hand over the pulled eyeball. It’s left me wondering about dogs. How often do they hurt but have no way to tell us. If I didn’t have verbal skills no one would know. It’s not like it’s something you can see like a cut or thorn or a limp.

I think its very important to know your dog well, very well, for this reason. It might come across as a “sense” but I’ve almost always been able to sense when Whiskey was sick hours before I saw the, um, signs, because I noticed his energy was different. I couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong, and I certainly couldn’t ask. But there are lots of things that will never show signs, and they can never tell us. Makes me sad and a little afraid. Makes me want to make his life even better. What if he hurt his eyeball and could never tell me? He certainly couldn’t blog about it like some people I know (losers).

It might make you feel better to know that when your dog is sick, and say the vet is closed, but it’s not an emergency vet($$$) worthy visit- you should google the terms dog illness checker or even dog illness symptom checker or some variation thereof. Google is good about suggesting like terms. Also, adding the word “free” doesn’t hurt.

Here’s an obligatory Whiskey pic as it wouldn’t be a Whiskey blog without it. Hope everyone takes good care of their eyes this week!

"I like to confiscate recently abandoned pillows. Often. Every morning at least once."

~Whiskey kisses from Gina and Whiskey.

"Here I am confiscating two pillows at once! And if I cover my face with my tail and make myself really small, maybe no one will notice...."

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One Response to I pulled an eyeball

  1. Zach says:

    I’ve read that dogs purposely hide any signs of pain for fear of being seen as the weak one in the “pack”.

    Good luck with your eyeball, Gina!!

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