Whiskeys new “bed”

Wouldn’t you know it… a new piece of furniture arrives into our home and who is the first person to sit on it? Not a person at all, but a furry four legged member of the Robertson Clan.

Shh…don’t tell him it’s not his new bed… he thinks it is!

So it’s a hand me down but very thankful to have “new to us” piece of furniture that I have staked out as my new favorite place to read. I fully intend to break it in after work tomorrow. I’ll let Whiskey have it the rest of the night tonight. >.<

It’s a Lane Furniture Eddie Bauer collection piece that I fell in love with at first site. It’s so freakin’ comfy I want to sleep in it tonight. But as you can see some one beat me to it. Here’s Whiskey right after we unwrapped the plastic it was shipped in. He literally ran and dived into it over the chair arm. Like owner like pup. We didn’t even have time to move it into place lol!

What? Whaddya mean I have to get up so you can move it?

Fun Dog Fact: Eddie Bauer brought the first black Labrador retriever into Washington State in 1930 and later formed Wanapum Kennels to raise champion Labs. That particular dog was called “Blackie.” Mr. Bauer was named  “Retriever Breeder of the Year” by the Professional Retriever Trainers Association in 1974. The staff of Eddie Bauer today now have a black lab they’ve named “Eddie” and has been with them since 2010. They sell dog products too! http://www.eddiebauer.com/EB/Bags–Gear/Pet-Products/index.cat

Their fb page has an album for Eddie and I was able to find this comment by the Eddie Bauer page

Eddie Bauer ‎@Nancy: Eddie has a primary caretaker and Eddie Bauer associates who will give him daily love and attention at our Bellevue, WA headquarters. He will live with the primary caretaker outside of office hours. We are excited to have Eddie with us!May 6, 2010 at 3:06pm ·

How cool is that? I really like Eddie Bauer 🙂 Everyone have a great Tuesday tomorrow!

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