Garden City River Park last post!

So a while back I promised a post on Garden City River Park (GCRP for those in the know) about the bridge closed off to traffic. And here it is.

The woods are taking back over the approach road to the bridge- we are entering from GCRP side in this pic.

Here’s the low down- There’s a great bridge, with a great view right before you get to the park. You can get to it from either side. It’s closed off from traffic so it’s a great place to set up to take pictures, to picnic, or to just gaze.

Pic on L is of the bridge everyone now drives to get into GC. Pic on R is view back towards GCRP swimming area. Fun! Note the sandy outcrop coming from the left bank? That's my fave place to go swimming so far.

Alright so there is some graffiti because of its location but just pretend that’s not there. Here’s how you get there. Go up 65N just like you’re going to GCRP. Get off at the Blount Springs exit and make sure you stop at Top Hat BBQ (no, seriously, you MUST do this or you can’t get to the bridge) and pick up some of their deeeeliiiiciousbbq (though to be honest I always get the chicken fingers with fries and hushpuppies. Nothing can compare.) and a cold drink and keep driving towards the park. A little ways after Co Rd 9 you’ll see where you pass real close to the rail road tracks which are running parallel to where you are. Then a “little ways” after that (don’t you love how scientific I am?) you’ll see a road that veers off like a Y to the right. There’ll be a sign for Garden City and you’ll pass over a bridge. Only don’t. Don’t pass over the bridge. Instead veer to the right there and go to the second parallel unused bridge and park where ever you dare. I usually try to get close to the bridge itself. But I’ve seen a lot of people right there on the road (kayakers mostly, probably don’t want to get trapped in).

Whiskey stops to smell the...wildflowers?

You can go onto the bridge or go down the “made for a giant” steps on the left of the bridge. There’s a slight trail that will take you out along the bank further down to your left where we took the dogs in again. It’s not swimming territory really but if you want to just be in nature this is a good place to do it. With the right shoes you could probably hike clear enough up (or is it down…) the river to find the place where B and I got married. 🙂 Awww… (insert obligatory river side wedding pic here…)

So if you want to go in near the park then do not stop before the bridge. Go over the bridge down to 10th St S.E. and turn R. Then turn R one block down and follow it till it’s about to dead end. Instead of turning L into the park just go on forward and park nicely out of the road (there’s a pull of place you can swing into on the L) and get out and walk across the bridge.

A day at the Park makes for one passed out pup! He's totally smiling in this pic!

Hope some of you have a fabulously fun weekend planned with hiking and outdoor festivities. Is it me or did it almost feel cool enough tonight to make you think of Fall… did to me. Can’t wait for it. Think I’m going to beg B to get out and take a late night walk with me and Whiskey this weekend! We’ll see where that takes us!

And when you get tired of laying on that side... you switch. Still smiling!

A parting pic of Whiskey above. I know when we’ve had a good outing because it results in a thoroughly passed out pup! He barely fits on the teetiny bench in the back of my truck but he doesn’t care when he’s that sleepy. Love to see him smile when he sleeps!

And on that note…Goodnight everyone!

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3 Responses to Garden City River Park last post!

  1. Emad says:

    Nice Photos !

  2. Don says:

    Just found ur site love it

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