Cheaha random fact-ness!

This post is everything else I wanted to say or show about Cheaha but didn’t want to make that last post unbearably long!

Old abandoned trail

Old abandoned trail by the Frog Pond (visible in upper right corner). We still like it even though it's falling to bits. I can't help but wonder what the look Whiskey is giving me means lol!

For information on camping & Day use contact:
800.ALA-PARK / 800.610.5801
They have a lot of camping both on the top of the mountain and below. These include RV hookup and semi-primitive camping. The cost is about 15.00 and up for a site. But you can camp for free in the Talladega National Forest. There are tons of places and trails to do this.

Cheaha Cabins, Group Lodge, Restaurant and Room Information:

Cheaha rises 2,047 feet in the air, and the park itself covers 2,799 acres. It is a state park and part of the Talladega National Forest System.

Pulpit Rock Entrance

At the entrance to Pulpit Rock there is a beautiful and unusal looking tree.

Historical facts about Cheaha:
Opened in 1933. Much of the buildings you see were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps around 1939. The cabins were built by the CCC but given a face lift several years ago and are now as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. Though I have tons of square 1980s pictures of the interior of the cabins which were rustic, and cool. I kinda miss them. Sometimes!

Random Cheaha fact for nerds (like, um, me)!
Apparently they are trying to start a museum! OMG Right up my librarian alley! I’ll definitely post if I go!

Go Geocaching… please:
Geocaching will lead you on some awesome OLD roads/trails that are not on any map. Our favorite was the one that took us down the old ccc road. Even if you don’t geocache it is worth hiking. If you see a snake wearing prescription sunglasses tell him B wants his glasses back. Until I geocached there, I never realized there were so many trails off the mountain top. Really opened my eyes!

Pulpit Rock Trail

a girl.. a dog.. and a hike, exploring Alabama's woods one trail at a time. This is what it's all about.

Overall pet friendly score: Average. Pets not allowed in stores or buildings but you can have them at campsites and chalets. They also have one cabin that is pet friendly. No animals in the hotels.

To do: (It would be easier to list what you can’t do there- there’s so much you can do!) rock climbing, ORV trail, bouldering, mountain biking, road biking, beautiful drive for motorcycles, geocaching, swimming (lake and pool), fishing, hiking, backpacking, cabins, chalets, picnicking, sight seeing, historical areas, birding, trail running, rappelling, photography, on and off trail hiking

Find out more: Visit some of these sites to find out even more and whet your appetite for more of this great hiking excursion so close to Birmingham and Georgia.

Alabama State Park website  Click here and enter the search term Cheaha. You will get TONS of results on trails all around and through Cheaha. I only mentioned three in my last post but theres a bunch!

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