Book spotlight

Not a bookbark review because, well, it’s not that kind of book per se. But it is a book, and I want to take a second to highlight it. I really really think that this is an invaluable resource for people serious about camping along the Southeast.

It highlights what places accept dogs, have hiking, fishing, playground, etc etc. Very useful write ups also talk about some important details like (leashed only, has dogwalk, dogs not allowed outside campers ((say what?!?)) etc.). It often tells you what kind of fish are available, how many hiking trails they have or how close it is to other trails.

The bad news is it hasn’t been updated since 2002 which leads to a few problems- many of the places might not be there any more, or have changed names/hands. But since there are nearly 400 places mentioned in the book, you’ll be fine I’m sure. Hopefully they’ll update it soon? You can probably find this book at your local library (I did) or buy it used cheap on Amazon.

In the meantime here are some helpful online resources I stumbled across on our quest to find every place in Alabama to hike or camp. Including those not mentioned- i.e. stealth camping or camping where camping might not be mentioned.


  • – lots of resources including traveling on bikes with pets, as well as some stealth camping tips. Do a word search for “Stealth Camping” to find articles/journals on this topic.
  • – free camping in your car, often in a place out in the boondocks. This site doesn’t look like it’s been updated in a while, or maybe I just haven’t explored it enough. Still, it was recommended on a site to me, so I’m passing it along here.
  • – search for gov sites to camp that you might not have known about before. Often these are not as popular, with just land to use and no major “attraction” other than water/fishing/off trail hiking.
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