A delay in the programming

I realized today that I hadn’t blogged in two months. Bleh! For shame! I have daily thought “I need to write about this.. and this… I’ll say this” but there’s been one problem to following through with these actions- we’ve been seriously in between homes. Like two of them.

We found a bigger dog house for Whiskey back in our hometown and bought it. Our other house is on the market and we were in between the two up until about two weeks ago. The purchasing process took a lot of our time (okay, like all of it). Then we realized our 1940’s ranch house needed some serious work (not caught by either of the two inspections, of *course*) which has taken all of any of the time we had left. Then there is of course the moving everything over (pretty much done except for Brandon’s workshop in the basement) and unpacking (so not done).

Now normally I try really hard to keep the blog straightforwardly about hiking, dog parks, dog stuff. But I felt the need to explain our awkward absence. I miss, more than anything, the writing and experiences I got to have hiking, exploring, and traveling with Whiskey. Tonight we see the light at the end of the basic repairs tunnel and I put spackling up on the office wall. Official office space is coming soon! yay! Blogging is about to be back in my sight again! Double yay! But until then I offer this blog post, this morsel of personal information just to explain my absence to those who follow us regularly here and on FB.

The new “dog house” needs a lot of reconstruction/restoration. But the bones are in good shape. As creative individuals my husband and I (and Whiskey too) had just outgrown the confines of our about 1000 sq foot bungalow. We needed artistic space. The new home offers us both adequate living space and *finally* the expansive artists space we needed. Brandon’s office is bursting with storage space with floor to ceiling bookshelves and the baby grand shines, proud in its new big room. His space has odd columns and lots of extra corners that seem to pop out everywhere. My office on the other hand is a long narrow room that invites the eye to ponder how a room could be so long and still be just one room. It has windows that overlook the back acre of forest and an exposed brick wall that hints at its heritage once upon a time as a long back porch. It opens onto the current back porch, nestled into the middle of the house between my office and the master. Brandon’s office opens onto an enclosed screened in front porch, giving us both the outdoor living space we need to breathe and clear our heads. My quilting table and decades of collected retro cloth will line one wall still leaving lots of space for all the writing and creating space a girl could ask for.

But really, it’s all about the dog right? At right under 2 acres, we now have lots of land to hike on any time we want. Steep hills drop off just behind the house and we’ve been walking them, scouring them really, at least twice a week to learn the lay of the land. Whiskey is in a bit of heaven I believe when sniffing and rooting about back there.

Our plans are to create two fenced in areas. One that will be just in the actual “yard” that is flat and grassy. The other fence will extend beyond that to encompass the whole of the wooded part of the property. That way if we wanted to wander about the very back wooded area off leash we could, but if we wanted to restrict Whiskey to just an area that is visible then we’d let him into the “back yard” only. The woods in the back are quite steep and you can’t see them really until you step into them. But we do look forward to having both fenced areas, to serve two distinct purposes.

The only drawback that I can see to this new place, is the lack of sidewalks. Our “just pop out the front door  for a walk” regiment has been seriously cramped. Walk out our front door and you’re on a curvy dangerous road with unleashed large dogs that are not always friendly, limiting us to always have to turn right out the door. And no one here, I mean NO ONE HERE walks their dogs. I’m like some odd freak roaming the streets (It doesn’t help that most of my dog walking clothes are my hiking clothes which are a step away from looking like a homeless person!). It does not do much to encourage you to get out and get walking what with the no sidewalks, and crazy looks, and roaming off leash scary looking tough dogs. In our old neighborhood you couldn’t walk 3 blocks without seeing someone with their dog. I finally got the courage to drive several blocks into town and get out on the sidewalks to walk. Not only did we garner strange stares but comments too. I don’t think anyone’s ever walked their dog there, ever. Sigh. Well, maybe we’ll be trend setters huh? Tomorrow we’ll be setting out to walk the sidewalks again. I found a great old pecan tree on the lot of a local business where I’m hoping to find some more nuts on the ground (I got one last Saturday and it was delicious!). Being stared at is totally worth it for some pecans and a happy tired dog right?

I’ll leave you with a short video, where I attempted to show what the woods behind our house were like. However, well, you won’t get to see the steep hill we went down because, well.. you’ll see.

Forgive my novice editing/video skills. I promise I’ll get better 🙂

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3 Responses to A delay in the programming

  1. Robyn says:

    He seems to love it. I am so happy for you.
    Love you bunches….

    • Gina V says:

      🙂 He does. Can’t wait to have a fence!! He’s going to be in dog heaven. Hey, we need to work on a Suzie/Whiskey friendship repair plan! Those two have got to work it out so we don’t have to separate them!

  2. Wendy says:

    I can’t WAIT to see your office when you get done with it! Whiskey running through the woods was great. haha! Love ya girl.

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