Boxador Bites and stomach fights

About a month ago Whiskey was overcoming a month long stomach issue. It had been working itself into a storm for several months though and was set to explode (no pun intended) which it did.

Do the words “projectile.poop” mean anything to you? If not- count your self luuuuuucky. Seriously.

We were feeding Whiskey Blue Buffalo Wilderness- Salmon flavor and he hated it. Whiskey loves cheap food. The cheaper and nastier the better. While he turned his nose up at “better” foods like Blue, he’d wolf down Old Roy (were I ever to give that to him) like it was his last meal on earth. If it has little to no nutritional value, and if there is a probability for inflicting harm on the gastrointestinal area then it actually increases the likelihood that Whiskey will eat it faster than you can say New York City!* When we first got him we started with a much lower grade dog food and have been steadily working our way up. Now at Fromms, I’m faced with a bit of a dilemma. Do I keep moving up (financially as well as healthily) or do I take a step back and go- okay, let’s just add that sweet potato, and berries, and pumpkin, and green beans (and you get the picture).

See, here’s the thing- while he has a hankering for cheap dry foods, and won’t eat the good stuff, he *will* actually eat quality “real” foods like apples, bananas, organic peanut butter, green beans, peaches, etc. etc.

We know that several years down the road we may have to replace the dog food completely with these types of food for Whiskey. The bottom line is his stomach can handle “real food” much more easily than the processed dried out kibble. Since adding pumpkin and other fruits and veggies he’s gone from skipping whole days of food because he hated our expensive healthy high quality options to drooling on the floor anxiously while we prepare his nightly bowl. Since the change of food regime, he’s never missed a meal. Thank you Dog.

On top of his pumpkin and green beans he gets a handful of Boxador Bites. (You can visit them at and I really hope you will.)We have tried two types of Boxador Bites here. One is the Tail Mix the other is a new product you can’t buy yet, the meal kit. I really really dig the meal kit. You can do the meal kit one of two ways: as a topper (like we do for Whiskey) or mixed in with your favorite meat of choice for your dog. Since we know that one of the things Whiskey needs in low quantities is protein, we’ve opted to use it as a topper. Here’s a pic of Whiskey when the Meal Kit was delivered. I cannot wait till we can buy these things.

Another reason this is a great deal for us, is because Whiskey has been sentenced to a diet by his vet. We are actually supposed to be feeding him a “diet” food but we aren’t. I can’t find a high quality diet food. Period. I find cheap diet foods….that have lots of wheat in them… which make him fart (um, no. I’ll pass thank you.) So for the mean time we’ve cut his kibble back to 1 3/4 cups and then fill the remaining 1/4 to 1/2 cup with the fruit/veggies. Then we throw on two tablespoons of either a high quality wet food or canned pumpkin to make his dry food more appealing. Whiskey’s never been happier. The fruit will help us meet his high fiber/low protein/fat diet that he’s supposed to be on.

The coolest thing thus far about Boxador Bites was their attentiveness to Whiskey’s needs. When he was sick and we were in distress on his fb page about how to go about fixing his stomach maladies they sent us a get well card and the meal kit. I mean, I’m sorry, but how much better people could they possibly be! Someone sent our dog a get well card and a gift?!? We might just name our first born after you. I think a lot of people don’t really get how devoted I am to this dog. I won’t go on a vacation without him unless it requires me to fly. The first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night is attend to any needs he’s got. And the first thing I do when I get home from work is snuggle into his happy wriggly form for a cross species version of “hello! How was your day!?” Sending him a get well card is possibly the coolest thing anyone has done for him. Introducing me to an easy way to add fiber easily to his meals is possibly the coolest thing anyone’s done recently for me!

Mom! Mom! What did I get?! What is it!?

I want to make it clear that if Whiskey had disliked the treats or if they were of poor quality or had not been to satisfaction in anyway I wouldn’t endorse them. But as a testament to how much this dog likes them, he *still* carries the treat off into another room when I give him a sliver of dried fruit from Boxador Bites bag because it’s that good. ((He only takes the best treats into another room to eat, the mediocre ones he swallows whole without moving a paw from my feet. Just one of those quirky things he does.))

"I cain't read a danged thing this card says. It's not even in dog!" Don't worry folks, I inteepreted it for him, with ease.

So anyway, I hope everyone out there is doing well with their own dogs diet. If anyone’s struggling to get their dog to eat, or are unhappy with their dog food, then seriously- hit me up here or on fb or at our email. I’ll chat dog food till the cows come home. I hope everyone has a stomach problem free Thanksgiving this week 🙂 and hugs the pets they are thankful for!

All our love,
Gina & Whiskey

*New York City! (If you just said this with the proper inflection and tone of the sing song commercials then you showed your age. ie my age. ahem.)
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  1. EDee says:

    Very interesting. Love the pictures. 🙂

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