ADD in all its glory

I’ve got a serious ADD post today. I’m going to ramble here and there and everywhere and just hang with me mkay?

First, I’ve been educated about red foxes. I heard a screeching in the middle of the night (the dog woke me up to hear it) and we ran from window to window trying to see anything while at the same time not scarring anything off. Finally a neighborhood dog found the source of terror and barked at it in the most unusual manner. It was like he was saying “What the devil is wrong with you! People are sleeping! And you’re scaring the bejezus out everyone… You scaring me too!” that is to say, it wasn’t the most confident bark. And managed to sound both baffled, a bit scared, and offended at the same time as if he wasn’t certain he should be doing this at all.

Want to know what a red fox screaming sounds like? Listen here… but skip to 1:07 to hear the ritual vixen fight which is what we heard last night.

See, last night, I wasn’t educated about foxes. But this morning Google and me had a little chat and now I can add another animal to my identification list. Whiskey can too. Then right before my alarm went off I got woken up again when raccoons decided to make an interstate out of our back yard. This was the first time W has seen raccoons. He went ballistic trying to either A) see them or B) get to them. I’m not sure which… but let’s just say I’ve missed out on some of my beauty sleep.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough excitement we went for a walk on our property today. I decided since it was overcast and really wet outside we’d go for a walk and I’d pull some privet (I’m waging war on the privet thickets in our woods) while the ground was all wet.

The hill that slopes steadily down into what I affectionately have begun calling "the bowl" of the woods behind our house. Whiskey waits semi-patiently for me to catch up (we always walk leashed because the property isn't fenced).

About half way through Whiskey began to “point” at an animal. I had to walk up a hillside to get to him and I thought it was a fox at first because my brain didn’t register what I was seeing. What I saw was a fox colored dog that is the new (stray?) loose- no leash dog (there are several “roamers” in our neighborhood.) He’s super sweet and got along fabulously with Whiskey. Here’s a pic of him after he followed us up onto our back porch. He has black spots on his tongue and I don’t know what he’s mixed with but he’s probably got some chow in him. Any ideas on what he might be?

sorry about the demon eyes! my phone does weeeeird things in pictures πŸ™‚

Here’s another one: He’s got a collar on but no tags… I see him in lots of peoples yards playing with other dogs off the leash. I really like him. So does Whiskey. His coat looks very healthy but he seemed thin to the touch to me. But then, what do I know, I have a chunker who is supposed to be on a diet.

So when we got in Whiskey was way overheated. It is FEBRUARY. He is over heating in FEBRUARY. Why is it so hot? We’ve had temps in the 70s… I’m afraid our bikejoring (er… bikejoring attempts) may be at a close if this temp keeps up. But here’s my valuable dog tip. We’ve been using Kool Collar to cool Whiskey off and it works. It really works. He overheats like no dog I’ve ever met. It works like this. You keep the ice pack insert in the freezer and slip it in the collar when he needs it to cool down. We remove his other collar and put on the Kool Collar so he has full touching potential to the collar.

Before we started using the collar he would pant forever. Seriously. Forever. I’d be afraid he was dead if I heard him stop panting. Now in about 1 to 2 minutes he stops panting. He may still be breathing hard through his nose at that point, but he’s cooled off enough to stop panting. That’s huge and really fast. Once he’s been wearing it about 10 or 15 minutes I take it off and return it to the freezer.

I got this Kool Collar not from the site itself but from Unclaimed Baggage. By the way,if you are an Alabamian that reads this blog you need to go to Unclaimed Baggage. I always keep my eye out for dog related stuff when I’m there and I always score. My last purchase was his own travel bag (dog luggage) for all his stuff. A new blanket and his Kool Collar and a stuffed toy which I promptly lost before even getting home (we were staying in a cabin there). There are a lot of places to hike near there too by the way. We stayed in a cabin, hiked, and shopped and made a weekend out of it. I’ve been planning on blogging about that really soon. I promise!

Okay, well I have to go make sure our “safe place” is ready for the dog. Tornado watches are rolling in in my neck of the woods right now. Our safe place is in the basement and since our house was owned by hoarders before us (this is a WHOLE ‘nother blog post lol) the basement has yet to be fully cleaned out. There are a lot of things a dog could get into and hurt himself with down there so I gotta set up some chairs and a cleared off spot in case we have to wait out any storms. Y’all stay safe out there and avoid the foxes screaming k?


Gina and Whiskey

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3 Responses to ADD in all its glory

  1. EDee says:

    Love this. Wylee did too haha. He was tipping his head and tapping the key pad. He really got into it when he saw the fox on the computer screen. Whiskey’s behind head and neck look so cute. I’d say too probably chow for the neighborhood dog. Maybe some shepherd. ???

  2. Gina V says:

    when whiskey heard the foxes he came running (heard the youtube) I tried to video tape it lol but failed. Glad Wyles enjoyed it too!! The ‘hood dog def has the color pattern of a shep doesn’t it! I hope he keeps coming back. It was a nice treat on our walk πŸ™‚

    • EDee says:

      He does look like a nice dog and Whiskey likes him. Good friend to have around. Wylee met a neighbor dog last week that was being trained to not pull. It wasn’t going to well haha. The dog is 9 mo. old, a golden. Wylee and I demonstrated the easy walk vs collar. Wylee was already in the front seat ready to go when they were passing by. He got out to play a bit but the pup is so much bigger than Wyls and so rompy that Wylee kept getting under him. They were on leaches too.

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