Orange Beach Dog Park

This park has its poo together.  Seriously. It’s a great park!

Dog art outside of the Orange Beach Dog Park

It’s not big and it’s tucked into small area with small amount of parking but at least you don’t have to park across the street like at the Gulf Shores Dog Park!

There is a nice mix of shade, grass, sand to dig in, and tons of agility type pieces that we have no idea how to use and Whiskey only wants to sniff. That’s okay bud, sniff away.

When we showed up there was no one. We waited and just as I was about to go away someone pulled up. Then another! and after I left someone else pulled in. We drove by another day trying to find a trail and saw several dogs at the park. The park is obviously well used, rarely empty even in the middle of the day (when we were there) and full of really super nice people.

They had several sets (this pic shows 2 of them) of agility, training to-do type things 🙂 Of course, even with the lure of treats, Whiskey will have nothing to do with them.

The two families there were locals. They grumbled about how dog-unfriendly GS and OB can be on their beaches and at a few other public places. I was reassured by the locals unprompted sharing of war dog-walking-on-the-beach stories. It means my interpretation of the area not being dog friendly is accurate. One man said there was an area of beach that had long been talked about being made into a dog friendly beach but that he doubted it would ever happen.

Zola, whiskey, and an unnamed accomplice have the run of the dog park.

And then inevitably as it always does, the question of “what” Whiskey was came up. I offered the same line we always do “He’s a rescue so we’re not really sure. We were told that the lady who gave him to the shelter when he was a puppy said he was full blooded Husky but we have a hard time seeing that as he’s grown up.” Then they offered their suggestions as people always do, almost exclusively based on their own dogs they’ve owned or known in their lifetimes. These people owned an Australian Shepherd. Zola was shaved for the summer and when they stood side by side I have to say I saw resemblance I can’t much deny. The shape of their backs, legs, and hips was exactly the same. Exactly. In fact, I’ve never seen the physical shape of a dog so closely resemble Whiskey. He’s just bigger than he should have been for an Australian Shepherd. Zola’s owners even asked questions about the texture of his hair in certain places to which I answered “yes!” and they said, “Yep, Zola’s does the same thing when it’s grown out.” The man concluded he bet the dog was part some sort of husky and Australian Shepherd. It’s always fun for me to play this “What is Whiskey game” with people. I love hearing people’s ideas and reasons.

Whiskey, always looking for a good pettin’ get’s shoved playfully aside by Zola who was a little jealous of her owners affection for W. The two dogs despite this, got along fabulously! Zola and Whiskey often stood side to side pressed tightly together- something I’ve never seen him do with another dog, or Zola would stand protectively over W when he was laying down. Crazy! Loved it 🙂

Back to the dog park! They have allowed people to put signs honoring dogs and loved ones on all the surfaces; essentially adopting the surfaces in honor of them- benches are engraved, fences have little signs, etc. I loved reading the names and thinking about all the love in this park.

Boxes in the front entry for donations (great idea!) and reusable plastic bags.

They also had a crate and a closed container for people to bring plastic bags to reuse at the park. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten a bag at a park thinking there’d be some provided and all would be well- only to find NO bags and shame on me for forgetting some! No poop scooped that day! Not so at OB Dog Park. Lots of places here people stash the extra bags.

There was also a public bulletin board which I loved! It told me of a local restaurant that had dog bones for sale. Score!

Bulletin Board outside of park entrance.

The watering station also had a crate for plastic bags attached to the fence.

If you are near there I highly suggest the OBDP over Gulf Shores. Also, one of the locals said the Orange Beach Water Park, which faces the bay side, was dog friendly. By this he clarified that he’d been out there with his dog in the water and never had “trouble” with the authorities. I have not checked out the water park so I don’t know for certain. The man suggested the park after I told him of our “water troubles” which translates to- Whiskey’s terrified of the ocean this year, when he wasn’t last year. He said the bay side was so calm it wouldn’t feel like the ocean to Whiskey and that we could go 40 ft out and it still be only to my waist, so it has a very gradual slant. Maybe next year we’ll review that one, but we only had a few days this year and had to limit park visits!

Rating: 10 out of 10 enthusiastic and sand covered tail wags! This park gets 10 out of 10 for it’s dog friendliness, well-put-togetherness, ease of finding, lots to to do there and super friendly people!

Every surface was in honor of some one. I loved this.


Important Links:
Orange Beach’s Website with directions available.
Park and Rec for OB’s site for DP. Much better than the one above I think.
Facebook pagefor the OBDP. Pawsome! We had no idea 🙂

Each section of fence has been adopted and a sign posted in honor of their loved pet.

Whiskey lays about in front of another of the benches.

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