Barkbox Review: Month 1

Whiskey would like to say

“Crunch. Crreeeeeenkle. Crrrrnklesh.”

That’s the sound of a very happy, slightly obsessed dog. He’s obsessed with this:

Whiskey plays with the new toy among an island of abandoned toys…

We’re no strangers to the passing fad of toys here in the Robertson household. Some toys only fascinate for a week (if we’re really lucky).

He wonders… “how do I get this thing out of there.” I wonder “OMD will he actually be able to get it out of there!!”

Sometimes these obsessions only last a day, or worse, a deceptively fun filled hour…

“NOMNOMNOMNOM I gets it out!”

This new toy, the Crinkit, has a plastic bottle in it. At first he wouldn’t touch it. I won’t say exactly that I demonstrated  how to use it… but let’s just say I eventually got him to figure it out. Every time he goes quiet now I sneak in there to make sure he hasn’t dredged the poor plastic bottle (which was a PAIN to get in that thing. Literally. I think I pulled a chest muscle) out of the hole and isn’t choking on it. I’m wondering where I can find another plastic bottle after he destroys that one. But what I’m mostly thinking about is how surprised I am that I’m liking the BarkBox despite its poor turn out initially.  

I’ll be honest with you. When I first opened it I thought “That’s it?” I don’t know if I will renew it when my 6 months is up. But I might. We’ll have to see how the other boxes play out. Right now all I can say is that at around $17.00 a month for 6 months, the box earned its keep this month since a Crinkit runs around $17.00…that is unless his obsession only lasts an hour. It was never a toy I would have bought him so that’s kind of neat- to get to try out stuff I might not otherwise.

I promise to keep you updated on our BarkBox saga because they aren’t paying me, they don’t know who I am, and I’ll give you a no bs review of the boxes so you can decide. I bought mine with a groupon that was available only to new customers (score) so I’m getting out even better. I was hoping that purchasing these each month (if I decide to do so) would help with our dog expenses. I usually buy treats each month, (but this one had no where near enough treats to last a whole month…) I usually break down and buy a toy too (this one suffices and passes the test!).

So here is the list of what was in this month. I will continue to list the items and our review of them each month. I hope this helps someone out there out!

  1. Crinkit toy (once he figured out how to use it, it’s been a hit… for at least the last hour. Now he’s staring at the cat and trying not to fall asleep, but hey, a dogs gotta rest sometime.
  2. LA Fresh- there was a wipe to try for dogs on the go. Allegedly it will be kinda like an instant bath, freshening them up and you can wipe off muddy paws. That’s a big issue for us since I never know what I’m going to run into when I take him into the woods!
  3. put in a $10 off first order coupon. Would have been perfect timing if they carried my food. Which they don’t. It doesn’t expire until November so I might use it for something else… maybe. Verdict is still out on this one.
  4. Barkworthies from are curvy bully sticks that are made with 100% beef. This was gone in about 15 minutes. Whiskey gives it two paws up.
  5. Whole Life Pet included sweet potato treats and a teetiny bag of about 2 or 3 little pieces of freeze dried chicken. We haven’t opened these up yet but I’m sure Whiskey will approve.
  6. Zukes included a large grain free z-bone. We love Zukes but find them hard to find in our regular pet store so we’re happy to have this big bone to give to W some day soon 🙂

    “OHMAHGAWD It’s ALL for meeee!!!!!!!!!!” Whiskey will never look at the mail man quite the same way again…

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3 Responses to Barkbox Review: Month 1

  1. Jennifer says:

    Looks like it might be a good option for us if there were a way to specify “grain-free” Toby can’t eat other treats so if you BarkBox-ers are reading this… it would be a great way to improve your sales with us will special needs fur babies 🙂

    • Gina V says:

      If you go to their fb page (sorry I didn’t link to it, but I will in the next one) I think this was a common request that they address on there a few times to potential customers. I think everything was grain free that we got. You know W has the grain issues too but I know for Tobester it’s a bit more serious!

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