Turkey Creek- Thompson Trace

This new trail opened up yesterday at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve, located in Pinson, AL off of 79.

A tunnel of yellow greeted us about half way on the trail. I loved this stretch. Whiskey says it all belongs to him now ‘cuz he marked it all. Silly dog.

A public service announcement from Whiskey “Now if you follow us on fb you know, that unlike many other dog fb pages I normally don’t make personal appearances and speak directly to the public. For one, I’m a very private dog. I choose to let Gina translate and type for me. Secondly, I’m a busy dog. I’ve got stuff to do. Things to chew, chickens to tease, and lately I’ve been trying real hard to catch that squirrel in the back yard.. anyway I’m busy see. But I felt the need to talk to you in person because this is incredibly important. See I figure, I was the first dog to officially hike this trail since it opened yesterday. So I made sure to mark it good every so many dozen feet or so…and now in dog legal terms it belongs to me. So any of you dogs passing through you just know your in mah territory. That’s right fellas. My trail. It pays to be punctual.”

Tips (i.e. Personal Opinion lol): You should park your car at the main parking area and walk up the trail first so that it loops you around to the exit. You will exit at the upper picnic area directly before the exit of the park, then walk back on the road to your vehicle.
We chose to do it this way because that way we weren’t walking up hill all the way back after a 1.4 mile woods hike when we’d be tired. No, we had a nice downward slope the whole way back to the car. Perfect!

Whiskey and I pause as we start up the first (and really only hill). It was a good fast dog clip we were going at so the hill was a great workout! Made me think of my time on the Pinhoti.

When you first start off you’ll be hiking up a steeper incline for more distance than anything we’ve hiked yet in the past few weeks at Red Mountain Park (which we liked! felt that blood pumping on the uphill!). But once you’ve turned fully to your right and are up above the parking area it flattens out and you have a very easy hike the rest of the way. I imagine that when the leaves are down some short distance views will open up, but when we went the leaves were still on. And boy where they pretty!

You’ll see that the trail is well marked with blue blazes. Sometimes you’ll see a hiker man πŸ˜€ or arrows on the same kind of yellowish sign. Which was very helpful with all the leaves on the trail. Yay for well marked trails lol. (ahem, pinhoti, take notes)

You aren’t actually directly on the ridge line. Instead the ridge is on your left and you are down hill to the right anywhere from 20-50 or more feet from that ridge. We walked over to the ridge a few times to see if we could catch a view (no luck, just trees). But regardless I loved the trail. It had some FANTASTIC fall foliage. This is without a doubt one of the best trails to see some fall color when the leaves start changing. I would say one of the best places to also get in some good pics. Definitely!

In fact, a photographer pulled up the same time we did, and was at the falls taking pics when we got done. I let Whiskey jump in the water to cool down and grab a drink. The photographer seemed to enjoy taking our picture. He even waved that it was okay to come down where he was, but I’ll be honest with you, I’m a shy creature. I get …anxious… when meeting new people. And most people want to talk to me now that I have a dog tethered to me at all times lol. But I’ve not gotten any better at it. So I tried to explain from a great distance over the waters roar that we’d just done Thompson Trace (with hand motions towards the trail) and were headed home, but thank you.) He seemed super nice and had some awesome photographers equipment. Now I wish I’d been brave enough to talk to him! I bet he is a fascinating man. Since getting Whiskey I’ve gotten used to having our picture taken. At parks. When hiking. When walking down the road. At parties. At home. At stores. People everywhere whip out their cameras and phones to take pictures. Sometimes they ask permission. Sometimes they don’t. It’s okay. I figure at this point since getting him over 2 years ago we have had our picture taken by an estimated 100 strangers who have no idea who we are or that we have a blog and facebook page. They just admire a pretty dog. With the exception of the tourists from China (long story) and this photographer today, I’ve only gotten my entire body in those pics twice lol. Which is fine with me. My knees should be famous by now, and my dog, but not my face LOL.

posing for fall pictures… It was nice of him to do so. I know he’d rather be ferreting out all the chipmunks he terrorized on the trail.

I also can’t say enough how much Whiskey *loved* this trail. He was beside his furry self smelling everything. We crossed over about 10 different types of scat and he relished each one (but thank GOD didn’t roll in any.. phew). This is an easy enough trail for almost any dog I’d think. The length is something to consider. We’re not sure how long the road walk back is (and trust us, this was just as pretty in the fall color and Whiskey loved all the smells) but we think total we walked about 2.1 miles. That’s our best guess.

Our favorite time to go is Sunday mornings, around 8:30. The park opens at 8 am (check fb for current hours and days) and right now is closed on Monday and Tuesdays. Unlike Ruffner Mountain where they have a backdoor parking area and you can park and walk in at the wetlands at any time or day as long as the sun is up, I don’t think Turkey Creek welcomes that kind of traffic. Go when the park is open and during regular business hours. Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash.

Our favorite spot (other than the tunnel of yellow!) was what we’ve dubbed The V Oak. You can find it on your left once you’re walking up on the ridge. Just keep your eyes out for it. Can’t miss it. I think…

Rating: 10 fantastic Fall happy tail wags! We love this park because it’s free, it’s close to home, it has a variety of activities for dogs (easy flat trails, two trails with steeper inclines for those wanting a workout, road walking, biking, swimming, and just lounging around enjoying nature. yes!)

Once we got up to the V Oak we found an old fire ring. No fires allowed! But I hope they keep the fire ring. We think Turkey Creek should do fireside talks up here like Desoto Park does! We’d go!!

Standing on the trail, this is what the V Oak looks like. Again, would love to see events up here. Could easily see us sitting around the fire ring listening to a speaker. Come on Turkey Creek…isn’t this a swell idea! There’s room for a good crowd up there πŸ˜‰


Turkey Creek Nature Preserve on fb
Link to map on TCNP FB page. Hope this link doesn’t go bad. If it ever does, go to their fb page and to their photos and look for uploads of map looking photos!
To see more fall photos from this trail go to our fb albumπŸ™‚

Last picture! This is where you exit the trail, just above the picnic area near the exit of the park. We enjoyed the easy downhill walk back on the road. Peaceful and pretty…

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  1. EDee says:

    Love the pictures. Looks like a great park too

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