BookBark Review: Dewey’s Christmas at the Library

Dewey’s Christmas at the Library
By Vicki Myron and Bret Witter

By now everyone’s heard of Dewey.  Right.     Right?  If you haven’t I suggest you pick yourself up a copy of the book Dewey the Library Cat. I listened to it on audiobook and it was read by the author. I thought she brought something extra to it, as authors who read their own work often do. Well, actually sometimes authors reading their own work is a terrible idea. But in this case it made me feel I knew the author a lot better than I otherwise would. But I digress…

We let BabyCat take center stage with this BookBark Review...given the species of the main character.

We let BabyCat take center stage with this BookBark Review…given the species of the main character.

So about this cat Christmas story. It’s cute. And a short kids read too. Adults will like it as well I think. I enjoyed reminiscing over the cats I had growing up, and the two we’ve had together since being married and their incredibly different reactions to Christmas Trees and all the fuss. You never know what you’re going to get until you get it all out and see how the cat responds. Oh, and the dogs. The dogs are just as funny.

I was saddened recently to realize I’d lost an important picture. We had a picture of Whiskey and Midnight (his best bud- a cat)  staring thoughtfully at the tree the first year they encountered it together (I believe they were plotting its demise and indeed it did suffer minor damages under their reckless care). They looked very mischievous. And while I can’t find that picture anywhere on my various devices I do have the image branded into my brain. In lieu of it I have to post this picture. Despite the uncountable numbers of times we found them sleeping closely, or grooming one another affectionately, I can only find one series of pictures of them together. I regret this. I wish I had more pictures to remember them together. Midnight a survivor of FIV left our family for the rainbow bridge in the spring of 2011.

Midnight and Whiskey

Midnight and Whiskey were often found snuggled up together. BabyCat who adored Midnight, could never warm up to Whiskey that much.

I once had two tortoise shell cats that delighted in ripping off the bottom ornaments and eating and playing with them. Instead of fighting them, we put the least valuable and/or softest sewn ornaments on the bottom so they could have them. Seeing those knitted red and white Christmas stocking ornaments still brings tears to my eyes when I think of Brack and Puck. I got them in high school. My husband Brandon drove me to pick them up (way out in the middle of NoWheresVille. And then took me to the local Food World to get their new loot). He also helped me name them. Little did I know a little more than 10 years later I’d still be crushing on the hot guy who helped me get those pets and eventually marry him… (ladies, take note- guys who are good to their pets, will probably be good to you.) wait! I’m Digressing Again! Okay. Focus. It’s Christmas I think.. it makes us reminisce.

"I see you watching me read."

“I see you watching me read.”

I hope you will all take the time to include your pets in your holidays and to remember those that came before. Make it safe but fun for them. Enjoy and treasure their reactions to the decorations, the special food, and visitors that grace your home. And take some time (I hope you can) to slow down and check out a book (picture or otherwise) to celebrate the season.

All our pawsome love,
Gina and Whiskerdoodle.

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