Fultondale Rails to Trails

We hit the trails this morning at dawn (someone actually beat us out there!) hoping to get some bikejoring in before the weather warms up where we can’t do it at all. We logged 5 miles.

a beautiful way to start out our day

a beautiful way to start out our day

This is a fantastic trail to bikejor (urban mush), run with your dog, hike off trail down to the many places the stream comes near the trail, or just walk with your dog. We’ve never had any trouble with loose dogs on the trail or trouble with people. There’s never been any dangerous trash (we’ve been on other trails with loads of broken glass and even needles on occasion). It’s a good safe well maintained trail.

Not sure what these markers were. Maybe had to do with the train? This was where we heard the coyotes! The light was so amazing through all the green. I couldn’t capture it well on film though!

We highly recommend this rails to trails section. We have only been to the 2.5 mile marker so I’m not sure exactly how long it currently is or when they will stop expanding it. I’ve heard the trail is currently about 3.5 miles and will eventually have benches along the way (Whiskey will appreciate this!). To get to the trail you can park at either Black Creek Park and walk along the pretty obvious Rails to Trails path that heads back under Hwy 31, or you can park at the Fultondale Bark Park (check out their fb page too) and walk out of the park onto the main road and curve back to your left towards Leora Avenue. The trail goes parallel to LEora for a short block or so before veering off into the woods. By the way, the Dog Park is located at the corner of Fulton Road and Stouts Road in Fultondale.

At 2 miles Whiskey suggests turning around. I veto him.

After not running a lot Whiskey did pretty good on today’s trek but we spent about half the time at a slow jog or even slow walk pace. I typically let Whiskey set the pace, especially given some of his health needs that leave him a little worn out at times.

If you’re alert and on the trail when no one else is- it provides a wealth of wildlife. We saw several birds and rabbits, heard one duck, and heard coyotes in the distance making a great morning sunrise ruckus! Whiskey also picked up the scent of an animal I saw no tracks for but he went totally nuts trying to track it so it wasn’t anything he’s used to. Deer? Boar? No idea.

To keep up to date on the trail you can follow Black Creek Park’s fb page

Everyone should get out today and experience this fantastic spring weather with your pups! Be safe and have fun and hit those trails mkay?

-Gina & Whiskey

If you look closely you can see a very wide section of the creek below. We plan to hike down to it on our next trip! Happy trails y'all.

Apologies. It’s fuzzy because we are very high up above this wide section of the creek below. We plan to hike down to it on our next trip! Happy trails y’all.

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3 Responses to Fultondale Rails to Trails

  1. EDee says:

    Wow. This looks great. Love the pictures

  2. I have always loved rails to trails. We actually hooked Gretel our weiner dog up to hubby’s bike for a little joring once 🙂 She is such puller. I am going to try canicross (run while being pulled) with her this summer.

    Thanks for stopping by to check us out! We’ll definitely add your blog to our reader. We love active dogs!

    • Gina V says:

      There are a ton of great canicross blogs (or, there were last time I looked a few years ago- granted) from “across the pond.” I’d *love* to try it. I just recently bought one of those hands free belt thingis to use. Bit afraid of if he sees a squirrel though… I *LOVE* your website! It’s so much in line what we are doing here (ie get those dogs out and exercise and play in the great outdoors!!). Flattered you stopped by 🙂 We’ll be watching out for your new posts and fb page 😀 ~gina

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