Whiskeys Top 5 Toys

Whiskey’s Top Five Toys

We got to try a lot of great new products in the last year or so and some of them were flops in our household but some of them went down in Whiskey enthusiasm legend. Here’s a round up of our favorite dog items.

(In no order of luuuuv):

  1. Zigoo Pets Crinket Toy. This toy is made from flexible and durable (and how!) material that you (painfully and s l o w l y) shove a water bottle in and the dog will go nuts (well, ours did) trying to eat. Our “I can destroy anything” dog has certainly ripped about his fair share of toys but this one gets 5 paws up for complete indestructibleness. It might be able to be destroyed by your dog though! So beware. But ours, who granted, has gotten less bitey with toys recently, didn’t make a dent in it.

    Amid the discarded island of forgotten toys, Whiskey chooses the Crinket.

    Amid the island of discarded & forgotten toys, Whiskey chooses the Crinket.

  2. Bionic Bone. They have several products but we purchased the bone one. Find them at their site and blog.Wow. Oh wow does our dog love this. He won’t even touch his kong any more. I think it’s because it’s designed to fit into his mouth and shape to his tongue as well as be held easily by his front paws. He loves the command he has over this fillable toy. However, we got a size or two too small for Whiskey’s “size chart” for the bones. This was by chance, and not design. I *wish* he had a larger one because I know it would fit in his paws even better (he likes to hold it when getting at the treats). He doesn’t seem to mind that it’s a tad small though. The Bionic people talk about freezing things in it but when I asked for suggestions on what you could freeze for a dog in it they kinda gave an answer on their fb page like “um, you know, stuff… like peanut butter.” Thanks guys! I never would have thought of that myself! You’re geniuses! Okay, maybe they kinda are since they have a product that’s so fantastic, but I’d love if their site or staff had more ideas about what to put in it for us first time dog owners! I haven’t checked their site too recently so maybe they’ve added this. Check it out and let us know! Or give us your “to freeze” tips 🙂
  3. Fruitables. Made of 100% natural organic ingredients how can you go wrong? You can’t. Our dog is still bonkers about these tiny chewable fruit treats. They smell fabulous (for a dog food I think) too which doesn’t hurt my willingness to buy another bag when this one runs out. We tried the Skini Minis Pumpkin and Mango flavored chewys.
  4. Acadia Antlers. I don’t know if I have words for how fantastic this chew is. It’s a bone…(are you sitting down for this?) on a rope. On a Rope! These guys are geniuses. Not only can my dog chew and tug on the rope but he can gnaw on that fantastic antler. Apparently, Moose antlers are all the rage with Whiskey’s taste buds. They have all different sizes. Whiskey ended up chewing his in half and we had to throw it away so that’s the only flaw with the hole through the rack bit. However, he also had an antler sized too small for him (again, it’s what came in the “large sized” dog box for BarkBox. I intend to order him some bigger ones asap.) Regardless of it’s ultimate demise he did get a lot of chew time out of it! And a bigger one will mean even more chew time. Go Acadia Antlers!
  5. Simply Fido. OMG. Whiskey got this amazing plush, beautifully crafted (seriously, any baby would adore this toy) reindeer. The neat thing about it is how its legs and arms slip back and forth through its body. Somehow this adds a cool level to the toy. For the first two weeks Whiskey wasn’t seen without this toy in his mouth or under his head as a wee pillow. It was amazingly cute, and it held up to his antics. He mostly grew out of tearing stuffed toys limb from limb but he still often rips them when playing tug of war (one of his favorite things). This one has survived unscathed for an entire 3 months except for an eaten tag on its bum. That’s okay Whiskey, I didn’t need to know how to wash it anyway 😉

    We'd often ease into a room only to find half of the reindeer under Whiskey's head. He found the toy to make an excellent pillow....

    We’d often ease into a room only to find half of the reindeer under Whiskey’s head. He found the toy to make an excellent pillow….

Honorable Mention (just because of the peculiarity and excitement of finding it): Puppy Cake. We got a red velvet Puppy Cake! It’s totally safe for the dog! I can bake him (and me?) a red velvet cake! I can’t do this right now due to dietary restrictions but as soon as I’m free to eat anything I want again I’m baking my boy a cake! (I’ll let you know how it turns out!!)

Whiskey’s Medium Rated Toys (but we’re holding out hope) of the last year:

  1. Lollycadoodle’s wool toys. We were highly disappointed in the ripability and easily eaten-ness of the first toy we got from them. It was a circle made of wool and he Loved it. However, his love translated to Whiskey delighting in ripping out small chunks of green and trying to swallow them. More times than not they would get caught on his tongue and he’d be half hacking, half licking trying to either get it out or swallow it (I’ve no idea which) and all around making choking gagging noises.  You’d think this alone would land it on our “worst” list but it didn’t because we got a second toy from them (a plush Mr. Mouse). It has held up now for over a week until Whiskey decided to tear an ear off (normal for him). He hasn’t eaten bits of it. He hasn’t choked on it. It’s holding up way better than the first one. In fact, if we had recieved the Mouse first it would have been on our *best* list. We recommend Lollycadoodle for light chewers or nondestructive dogs (those do exist …. right?) or dogs who will be highly monitored with the right type of Lollycadoodle toy.

Worst of of the past year:

I’m sharing it not to bash it, but because for some of your dogs- they might win an award! But our dog could not have cared less for this toy. Notice we only had one on the list? We’ve had several new products in our house over the last year and almost all of them were received with dog glee. However, this one, was a complete dud for us. But every dog has a different style of playing. So check them out and see what you think!

  1. Our attempts to get Whiskey to hold (or play with) the toy...failed miserably. This is as close as we got.

    Our attempts to get Whiskey to hold (or play with) the toy…failed miserably. This is as close as we got.

    Moody Pet’s HuMunga Stache fetch toy. Whiskey could not be enticed by any means to pick this toy up once we got it. He slowly came around where he wanted you not to touch it- so if you tried to play with him with it, he’d take it from you and carry it off to another room to leave it and then come back to you. He played with it so little that we actually forgot about it until several months later I saw that he was gnawing on it and had started to make lots of indentations on it with his teeth. I mean, he was doing some rapid damage! So I had to remove it. I think it’s meant to be pretty tough, but it wasn’t, not for our power chewer. If you have a power chewer do NOT leave him alone with this toy. Still I have to admit it’s a super cute idea! If you can get your dog to hold it right I want pictures!

By the way, we weren’t given these toys. We bought them.

How would we know where to find such magnificent things? Simply put- We didn’t.

We purchased a Bark Box subscription when they were running a groupon deal (best thing ever) and we truly like the Bark Box. I don’t know how long we’ll do it, but for right now it’s perfect for us. I figured I made at least the amount of the Bark Box cost in random spur of the moment purchase for Whiskey when shopping for his food at pet stores. This kept me from buying random impulse buys and we just wait for the box. Sometimes they are grand. Sometimes they are not. Overall the toys/treats are too small for him so if you truly have a *large* dog beware. They do not have an extra large box (they need to though!). But for now we’re happy and I’d definitely highly recommend it to anyone with the disposable income to buy their box. If anyone has questions about Bark Box I’d be happy to answer them.

Here’s to another year of fantastic dog toys and human things to buy and play with! Happy Trails to you all!

Gina & Whiskeydoodle

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2 Responses to Whiskeys Top 5 Toys

  1. Of course he doesn’t like the cool mustache!! That would so happen to us.

  2. Chester and Gretel love the Simply Fido toys. I don’t know if they chew on them less or the organic cotton is more durable but they seem to last better than other toys. I think they are super cute too )

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