Links & Resources

Boxador Bites- A Missouri based company that cares about the health of your dog. I hope you’ll check out their site & pamper your pooch with some of their all natural & healthy treats. Choose from delicious flavors like sweet potato & apple chips. If your dog has food & skin allergies like Whiskey does, then finding healthy treats becomes very important!

Bring Fido- a great site that allows you to search for destinations, events, lodging, attractions, and more! The trick on the search box is to put in the entire city, state, country. – Dog Friendly Travel Information and Reviews
Use interactive maps to find or share dog friendly spots, dog businesses, and more. Get first-hand dog reviews of interstate exits, dog friendly parks, rest areas, and hiking trails. Follow Prospect, our Chief Canine, for great advice and chance to win prizes. Upload dog photos, share dog knowledge on the dog forum, and connect to dog rescue groups.

Adopt a PuppyPetfinder rocks. You can put in your zip and away you go. One step closer to your new best friend. Did I tell you that’s how we found Whiskey?
This site is definitely Whiskey Approved!


4 Responses to Links & Resources

  1. Tammy Johnson says:

    I love this link. I want to take our dogs with us when we travel, but every place we call won’t allow them.

    • Gina V says:

      Yes it’s great. Also, vacation rentals by owner allows you to search for places that allow dogs. If they don’t specify a weight limit you can ask. We did and we found a great cabin one time in GA mountains. Loved it!

  2. Lee Williams says:

    I was wandering if you could put our link up on your page….we heard about you from Ed and Prospect who visited us yesterday to play with our spokesdog Lenny. We have an all natural pet treat company and do so much for a ton of rescues. If you can do this we will add you to our web page and talk you up on our facebook page and twitter account that our dog Lenny has. We would also like Whiskey to be our friend of the month and we will give you a bag of treats for free. You can check out our site at and see if it’s something that will work as a link on your site. Thanks…..Lee Williams

    • Gina V says:

      Hey! We would love to link back to you and are flattered to be your friend of the month 🙂 thank you! I’ll have to thank ed & prospect for mentioning us to you! We are on a road trip and may not have service but I’ll contact you as soon as we are home/have internet access again. Thanks! ~gina

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