Our Dirty Little Secret

Because I like you, I’m going to let you in on our dirty little family secret. Now I know what you’re thinking. And that’s not it.

What it is- is bugs, ponds, lakes, mountain views, trout fishing, train rides, mountain laurel and bears. AND easy access to some of the best trail systems around. Oh, and hands down one of the most dog friendly cities in the Southeast.

Im talking about Blue Ridge, GA. We found it the better part of a decade ago when looking for better “Gatlinburg” like alternatives.

It’s small town feel with quality. People vacation here, then often, move here. And I can tell you the locals and transplants are the sweetest most talented people. There are artists, chefs, engineers, retirees on sprawling mountain gift courses, and serious trout fishers.

You can find lots of places for guided fishing tours, and if that’s not your cup of tea you can while the hours away shopping quaint shops sporting local wares and eating gourmet nums.

Oh, and best of all? You can take your dog. Early on we  hit walls with our dog breed and size. But at Blue Sky Cabin Rentals you can book a dog friendly cabin stress free. Their pet friendly cabins are size and breed restriction free! AND we recently were able to bring three dogs on a trip (almost impossible).

We highly recommend them.

And as far as my running goes, I found that most places you stay if you search on MapMyRun you can find other people who have run those routes before. They gave me confidence to get out there and run the mountain roads even in the residential cabin areas. Here are a few pics from our Spring trip.

New ride means a new travel set up for Whiskey. He approved. It’s higher and a little harder for his old legs to jump in :/

Woods loved the train.

View from the train of the Toccoa River. Lots of trout fishing here.

💙💙💙 he knows he wasn’t supposed to be on the bed. Just look at that face!

I ran that.

Woods was in awe of the street improvements going on. He could have watched them pour concrete all day.

Sitting on the street watching concrete dry. Literally.

tunnel to no where on my run

Every morning I saw 20+ at least in deer on the road. Crazy.

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