Parking along Pinhoti Section 12

So between my last Pinhoti post and now there have been several years and not many updates. I thought about going back and writing the posts for section 4 through 12 but I’m not certain that I’ll devote time to that. Just because WOW at the time that would take 😂

But, I recently finished section 12 and my hiking partner had to get off unexpectedly part way through. It was going to be an overnighter with two full days of hiking, and she was picked up early on the second morning. It left me with a dilemma and questions I couldn’t answer. 

Where was parking along the section and where could I have my husband meet me if I didn’t want to hike to the end but did want to hike a little further than where she had gotten off the trail?

So hopefully people in the future who find themselves getting off the trail, not at the trailhead to section 12 but somewhere in between, can use this post to see what parking is like along the route.

And actually, the answer to that question is parking is pretty damn good. 

Both trailheads (FS 500 & Highpoint Trailhead) have ample parking and seemed safe. At both trailheads there were other vehicles, though to be honest many of them seem to be hunters with only a few hikers sprinkled in here there for good measure. I did not feel unsafe and at least in the case of the Forest Service Rd I saw several Forest Service  vehicles go by both times that I was there. 

At Highpoint there were some locals who wandered out of the woods… carrying um, a bizarrely shaped root that was extremely large- like a tree root you’d dig up. They were dressed in anarchy shirts, mostly in black heavy clothes, and not exactly dressed for hiking. Looking a little high… Of course I wouldn’t know…  I do know that they unnerved me a bit but I’m going to assume they are harmless eccentrics… 


On to parking! Here are pics of a few areas along the route.

Views of parking along Co Rd 70

View of parking along Co Rd 94

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