Cheaha, take #32

We’ve been going to Cheaha once or twice a year for at least 30 years. Family tradition. And yet, every year I see something new. Like this plaque: 

Tucked up around the backside of a trail entrance, this plaque has escaped my attention all this time.

I highly recommend geocaching to help you find your way into some unknown areas. And while we did go into some new places this trip while geocaching, mostly the kiddo drug me off the beaten path. “Hiking” alone with a three year old and a dog proved… challenging… 

I regret how hot it was. Whiskey desperately wanted to spend time on the rocks. He’s amazing to see. He runs sure footed up to every ledge and edge. He was truly in his element. On the rocks. In love with the precipice. Running to and fro with gleeful dog abandon. I hope we can go back in the fall and let him have more time on the rocks. 

Whiskey on the rocks

Here’s my top to do list pulled from this weekend:

  • Put in a kayak on Lake Chinnabee 
  • Hang a hammock on the mountain side
  • Explore the Bald Rock Trail and make sure to get off the boardwalk at the end to climb the amazing rocks
  • Watch the sunset off the mountain 
  • Geocache your heart out

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