I got my first Runner’s World Box.

I got my first RW box!!! 


That is all…

I’ve been wanting a flip belt! And I’d been debating buying a massage ball! But kept thinking I’d just use a tennis ball, except I don’t have one of those either lol!

I purchased a six month supply of boxes at a discount, including a discounted magazine subscription (which unfortunately has yet to arrive). For that cost I think I’m getting my money’s worth!  

My husband thinks the socks are ugly but, hey, it almost seems like a right of passage for runners to wear ugly things. (No offense but before I began running I looked at runners shoes as some sort of exotic wild foray into color combos and fashion risk taking. A big no no for this earth toned backpacker.) And performance socks are expensive. Okay, all running gear is expensive. Im happy to have anything so long as it fits properly and functions well. Which is in my opinion why runners wear crazy things sometimes. We don’t care what we look like so long as the products we wear keep our feet and bodies feeling good while running.  

Anyhoo, I’m super stoked about the first box. Keep it up Runners World! 


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